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Re: Therengia Stance · on 07/09/2011 09:28 AM CDT 3037
<<Spend time in a combat zone and you become paranoid or at the very least hyper-vigilant (and it's a fine line). Even in places where you know with reasonable certainty that you're safe (like inside a fortified building with hundreds of similarly armed and vigilant individuals) you still find yourself checking your angles and your eyes drifting to fighting positions.>>

Yes, but I also know I am the brain behind my PC and can choose to let my PC react and respond to the game in the way I choose. I didn't say you had to ignore them. I'm saying you're choosing to react to them because you see their name in a room, despite the fact that you could just as easily say, "I didn't see them in the throng" as a roleplaying option and it would be perfectly valid.

<<To call back your Batman example, Batman is successful on a meta level because he is both paranoid and "scary prepared." His compatriots constantly comment on it now. I'd highly suggest reading Michael Stackpole's "In Hero Years...I'm Dead" for a glimpse into the thought processes of someone who spends their life involved in conflict. He even takes a lot of it to reasonable, if somewhat surprising, conclusions.>>

He's made that choice and come to terms with what it requires and means. And regardless, there's really no need (or room) for a Province full of Batmen. The example wasn't presented to suggest the Theren Guard were/should be the Superfriends. It was actually presented to explain why they aren't/shouldn't be.

<<It has been pointed out that this is both not true and would be incredibly out-of-character for Gyfford and the Therengian GMPCs. As out-of-character as it would be for Madigan to ignore Totenus at the bin in Langenfirth.>>

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. You can't tell me what would be IC or true about an NPC, since we're the ones that determine what's true and IC about NPCs. We put the N in NPC. If you want to make up your own interpretation about WWGD, that's all well and good, but just because you think it, doesn't make it accurate/valid, much the same as how the simple act of wearing a WWJD bracelet doesn't make anyone's own personal interpretation of "right and wrong" accurate/valid, either. There's also, as we've stated, a really huge line between an NPC saying, "Son, I am disappoint" and a GM saying, "Hi. Have a seat over there."

<<Is asking TBG to avoid Therengia 75% of the time isn't asking too much of them if asking HLCs to hang out on the islands isn't asking too much of them?>>

Uhm...yes. As we've said, the "ban" is a Roleplaying convention, not a Game Mechanics one. If we wanted it to be a Game Mechanics one, it would be, but it's critical for you to be aware that there's a huge difference between an NPC saying "You don't need to be here" and a GM saying "You don't need to be here". Huge. Just about the only time it gets to the point of a GM having to enforce any sort of ban, it's usually more like "from DR", not "from this bridge here, all the way to the big rock five miles north of that old stump".

<<Giving Therengian order members who are bound by an oath to do their part mechanics that allow them to do that part should probably be a priority for development. Have a DEPORT command available to ODS and the Guard as well as the various military officers. Have it set them to PVP Open when used if they are not already. Require that 5 of them DEPORT a particular target within 15 minutes. Have a GM-side concur/non-concur option where no input within 10 minutes results in it defaulting to concur. Have the deported party dumped unceremoniously in Zoluren or Qi.>>

<<That opens the door to complaints from Zoluren and Qi authorities about Therengian authorities dumping their problems on them. Creates a new channel for role-play for those provincial team members and TBG gets reminded that they are not welcome in Therengia.>>

Uhm, don't think this would be a good priority for development at all. Unless, of course, you want the inverse to be true, and set up mechanics to allow 1 or 2 individuals from TBG (and it would take only 1 or 2, because being Evil doesn't require a quorum, it just takes "better than you") to be able to kidnap and capture you anytime they want, anywhere they want (since their "Baron" doesn't have a "clubhouse", or such narrowminded aspirations on how far his power reaches), whisk you away to a secret fortress with little or no chance for escape and allow them to torture or perform evil necromantic experiments and rituals on you. Or just tie you up and draw on your face with colored charcoal pencils.

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