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The Thing Behind Lyras · on 4/28/2009 12:43:31 AM 44
1: The Thing Behind Lyras

2: A Digression on Planar Mechanics

Observations have confirmed an extraplanar presence around the Necrolord Lyras, alternately described as "behind," "in communion with" or "in possession of" her. Attempts to classify the creature or force are inconclusive. Reports from the field suggest strong similarities with the intelligence known as Entropy's Glory (see archival documents regarding Edward the Exorcist), but it is not a clean match. Clerical observers have claimed the entity is the demon-god Maelshyve, yet once again we do not find a clean match in what records are available to us.

Further work toward identifying the entity runs the risk of becoming idle speculation. We are content to accept the premise that the intrusion is demonic in origin, until such time as we have more information.

What is not in question is the subtle and detrimental impact this intrusion is having on our plane. The scope of the intrusion is also inconclusive, but bleed-off from Lyras's planar link has been identified in passing. We are nowhere near understanding the plane Lyras has contacted, nor the physical laws that are being bled from her, but a generalization would be that they are corruptive in nature. Certain physical and spiritual constants are known to "wobble" in her presence, though it has not yet reached a physically observable level.

More than the Necrolord's standing army, this may present a long-term risk to our continued safety. Unless Lyras is removed in a timely fashion, permanent and likely undesirable alterations to the Plane of Abiding could result from this entity's presence. Any emergency is likely years or decades out, but we have no reason to believe at this time the bleed off will stop short of a total collapse of the planar void.

The geometry of the planes defies attempts to properly describe it in terms of three-dimensional space. However, for purposes of illustration, we can regard the planes as bubbles of independent reality floating within a fluid planar void. Each bubble, or plane, encompasses its own physical laws and nominally has no interaction with any other bubble.

The alien nature of each bubble cannot be overemphasized. Laymen, nursed on bardic tales, often think of the Elemental Plane of Fire as a place where the ground is merely on fire, or the Starry Road as a navigable passageway through the sky. More commonly, different planes eschew such notions as time and space, or do not have the laws necessary for the formation of psychic patterns and thought, or which have, from our perspective, non-sequitor laws (such as shadows having mass, or souls being liquid).

In reality, some interaction between the planes exist and can even be considered normal. The planar void can be breached, which allows material to seep from one plane to the next. The nature of this material depends on the qualities and potency of the breach: raw matter, as defined in the Plane of Abiding, requires the most energy-intensive portals. More commonly, we see the transmission of psychic or spiritual energy, mana, or physical laws. The former help ground this concept in our day to day lives. Strictly speaking, theurgy and prophecy are both unnatural, rooted in planes far removed from our own. However, we as a society accept that Moon Mages and Clerics break the void and allow some element of those planes to mix beneficially with our own.

The later helps describe the danger in these exchanges. Physical laws are inevitably the first thing to pass through a portal. When you are near a planar portal, you are subject to some faint echo of that plane's nature. A famous example of this is the caverns beneath Taisgath, where millennia of interference from the Plane of Probability has drastically altered what it means to be a shadow. The longer the portal remains open, and the most power is used in its creation, the hazier the distinction between the planes becomes. This leads to a doomsday scenario, where the void between two planes is completely removed. The laws of both planes mix and merge in unimaginable ways and a new, bastard plane is created from the two original planes. The original inhabitants of either plane would not be able to survive this apocalyptic act of creation, let alone find the new plane habitable.

-Researcher Fredrick Modah


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