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Re: Tentative Empath Magic 3.0 Spell List · on 2/9/2011 9:15:40 AM 4719
>>On the flip side, the GS spell was created to provide a guardian for empaths in combat (this was pre-fighting avenger days). Empaths who didn't train combats would be able to travel through a fighting area without getting attacked because their avenger would be able to protect them

I think innocence fills this niche reasonably.

>>Empath's are not a combat guild, if you want to hunt and kill, roll up a Barb or something else.

This is definitely not the message I am trying to send Empaths. Combat is such a large part of the game that I don't think it's really useful to tell any guild that combat participation is not supported for them. However...

I feel that even without the rankless GS, Empaths will have reasonable avenues of participation in combat. Manipulation is a fine way of participating at level versus non-undead and non-constructs. With some of the new spells coming out at the same time as the avenger change, it should be much more useful than before. (Concentration regeneration, more ways to buff and debuff the creatures involved, etc.)

Then there is construct hunting, which provides pretty much equitable access to the treasure system and will only get better.

Finally, yes, the shock rewrite, which will allow Empaths to just shoot someone if they become aggravated enough, which forcing them to lose their abilities forever.

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