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Re: Target EXP · on 7/28/2009 2:49:38 PM 5742
> Any chance TM exp could get an uptweak akin to the weapons uptweak? The low exp per kill combined with the awful mana MMs are seeing right now is making the difficulties much more apparent.

TM got the -same- tweak that weapons got, which is why it seems worse now. I don't normally like giving exact numbers, but in this case I will. TM was being given 2.4 times the base experience that melee weapons were being given for the exact same challenge and exact same damage.

The current situation is that instead of ranged attacks (including TM) getting arbitrary bonuses to experience (trust me, the method used to determine the bonus was about as arbitrary as possible) all attacks get the exact same experience. No, it's not the base experience that weapons used to get, nor is it the 2.4X that TM used to get. It's in the middle now, as I posted in my original announcement. However, on top of that a base constant is being added that wasn't there before, AND the experience based on degree of challenge has been increased substantially. I know some people believe I nerfed the damage-based experience, but it is the same as it always was -- what I did and what I said I did was increase the role of challenge, meaning that in the overall picture the role of damage has gone down.

I realize that ranged weapons can have longer roundtimes than melee (but to be fair, at lower levels some can have shorter), and I also realize that mana is a limited resource. To be equally fair, I also know that fatigue will soon be a limited resource too, so the notion that TM should be better xp because there is a limit to how often you can use it before you have to rest isn't really applicable since the same restriction is inbound for weapons. almost all cases, if you are using your attack at a reasonable challenge level, your experience should be roughly the same (TM) or higher (anything else) as it was before the experience changes.

Before folks get too carried away asking for more tweaks, let me point out two things from my original post that folks either missed or have already forgotten -- (1) this is a temp fix until the combat rewrite is finished, and is NOT the final system, and I really don't want to spend a lot of time fine-tuning something that is going to be gone a month or two down the road anyway, and (2) I am looking at ways to increase ranged experience based on AIM/TARGET time to encourage people who are trying to train to aim/target rather than snapshoot/snapcast. This should help immensely with the mana issues if it can be balanced correctly.

- GM Dartenian

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