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Su Helmas - Dispensers · on 05/24/2020 18:07 11163
<<Have a question about the stormtouched silverwood staff crackling with barely contained electrical energies. The release post mentions reduced roundtime. Ideally you're only invoking a tm focus once while you're using it and that's 12 seconds (one time). Is the targeting time reduced or is it really just the invoke time?>>

The round time reduction applies only to INVOKE'ing the staff. The reduction of invoke time is a strategic advantage that can allow the cunning mage to more flexibly swap between standard weapon attacks (while preparing a TM spell, for example) and invoking the staff as a spell becomes fully prepared. The possibilities (which are generally shared between all enchanted items) include round time reduction, increased durability, and increased magnitude of effect. These are very small bonuses, meant to be similar to how you might enhance a sword or piece of armor.

<<Is the proc rate high enough to make up for it being only a moderate damage increase? The documentation page doesn't mention damage increase on the focus, but since we can't interact with the staff ingame, I'm guessing that's either a typo in the focus messaging or a typo in the documentation.>>

Ok, I did a little bit more digging into this and realize I miscommunicated in my original post about a 'moderate damage increase + chance to proc electric'. I'm going to go back and edit the original post with updated information. The FOCUS messaging in the original post is accurate, and the primary bonus here is the chance to process electric damage. Here are a few things to help break this down:

---All TM Foci actually produce a flat increase in base TM damage equally for any suitable TM spell cast, and the other stated effects seen in their FOCUS messaging are on top of this. The elemental proc'ing TM Foci will be updated to reflect the consistent, flat bonus in their cast messaging.

---The additional elemental damage, when it does process, has the potential to be a 'very large damage increase' compared to other versions 'medium' or 'large' potential. The trade-off for this is that the elemental types do not always process with every cast.

---The chance to process the elemental effect does increase with Tier and Grade, as does the maximum possible damage of that effect.

---Players have the information they need to determine the Tier and Grade of a TM Focus item via the messaging when you FOCUS on the item.

The stormtouched silverwood staff, being T6/G3, lives exactly one grade below the maximum potential for any TM Focus of its type. To my knowledge, it is the highest combination Tier and Grade we've ever put out there.

I hope this helps and thanks for bringing attention to this so we could clarify!


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