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Social Outrage · on 12/01/2017 01:59 AM CST 1509
Hello all,

Social Outrage has had a fairly extensive re-haul. Among the changes:

  • Social Outrage is now province-based. So, if you're bad in Crossing, the shops in Theren won't know about it.
  • Social Outrage for non-necromancers is now also province-based and behaves in a similar manner to necromancer outrage instead of being a straight yes/no.
  • In some provinces your social outrage will linger longer than in others, depending on the local attitude toward necromancy.
  • Instant-arrest after one ACCUSE or outrageous crime in town, IE the social outrage death spiral, is no longer a thing. Instead, shops will begin refusing service to you but not calling for the guards. However, if you manage to rack up a LOT of social outrage, the shops will still call for the guards. Max out your social outrage, and you'll get sent to prison for a while instead of murdered by the hounds.
  • The ability to falsely accuse non-necromancers is now gone. Necromancers will only start to be accuse-able after spending a long time in town.
  • Everyone (not just necromancers) is now able to declare their attitude regarding necromancy. To do so, you'll need to talk to one of three NPCs in the land, depending on what kind of attitude you want to take. One is at the Crossing Temple, one is in Dirge, and one is in Jeihrem's Barrow.
  • You are able to see people who share your attitude toward necromancers with the JUSTICE verb, if they've declared it.

-GM Abasha

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players - Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ABASHA on the forums.