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Re: Rank Requirement to Study Absolution Scroll · on 04/02/2015 06:47 PM CDT 1370
>>Thanks! Do you know what the arcana requirement is to cast ritual spells (using a ritual focus)?

Hard to answer without giving too much of the math away, but it's pegged to the skill difficulty of a min prep cast, with a healthy random. In a perfect world, take the DISCERN hard estimate ("You think you will be ranked a raging godling to begin to cast this spell...") and apply that to Arcana. In a perfect world that will give you a 50% chance at the ritual succeeding. "In a perfect world" because there's a lot of modifiers and randoms involved that's going to muddle it a bit, but it should be in the ballpark relative to the numbers involved (harder spells will have a larger fuzzy range).

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