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New Releases: Nexus Points and Bonus Events! · on 06/29/2018 18:46 1581
Hi folks!

We're happy to release two new mechanics this weekend! Nexus points and BONUS events have been live in Platinum for a few hours this afternoon, and now they're available in Prime and Fallen too! Read on for more about both of these!

Nexus Points: The initial version of these provides a bonus to how fast you drain exp. It's a small boost, but it can be empowered by multiple characters making sacrifices. What you choose to sacrifice impacts the duration of the empowered Nexus. There's a (lengthy) cooldown before you can contribute again tracked in real time, not in-game time. It also takes a fair bit of coordination between characters to empower a Nexus -- 12 are needed in Prime and TF, 4 in Plat.

Free characters CAN benefit from a Nexus, but only at the base rate. An empowered Nexus won't provide the boost that subscribers will see. Additionally, free characters cannot make sacrifices to empower a Nexus point.

Here's a couple of verbs to check out in-game for more info:

  • RECALL NEXUS - Learn the IC lore of Nexus points as well as where you can find them.
  • SACRIFICE HELP - Learn how to sacrifice at a Nexus or get an idea for how much longer an empowered one will last.

Bonus Events: From time to time, there may be a global bonus effect active. This is releasing with 7 potential events, but we will certainly add more down the line! They can last a few hours or even a few days at the discretion of senior staff.

When a bonus is active, you'll get a message at login. You'll also be notified if one is activated while you're logged in! And if you're paranoid you may have missed either/both messages, you can check the new BONUS verb to see if a bonus is active and when it expires!

Here are the current possible options:

  • 0% exchange fees at all banks
  • Bonus coin from creatures
  • More expensive gems from creatures
  • Extra payouts from completing TASKs
  • Higher chance of finding a scroll from critters
  • Higher chance of finding an item from critters
  • Higher chance of finding a treasure map from critters

We're glad to bring both of these additions to the game to benefit your characters. As with just about everything that's ever existed in DragonRealms, we'll be revisiting them from time to time to make improvements and additions. We're looking at other projects around Nexus points, and we have several more bonuses that could happen. If you have suggestions for either, we'd be happy to hear them!

Oh, and, to kick things off this weekend, we're starting with the bonus gem event! That's right -- it's active RIGHT NOW! Happy hunting! Be sure to take breaks for healing or classes at a Nexus point!


This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.