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Mer'Kresh Celpeze Updates · on 1/29/2009 4:52:51 PM 2713

I've rolled in a bunch of fixes and changes to the celpeze area that should help flesh out everyone's training. The area is now broken up into 4 smaller areas, each with a harder level of celpeze.

1. The South barricade - This is where you'll find the celps you've all grown to love. They haven't changed but I did improve their gen.

2. Outer Canal - The critters get a little tougher and will gen throughout the rooms. For some reason they were only genning in a few rooms. You'll also find a new critter swimming around - BLOODFISH! They've always been able to bite you in there but now you'll be able to actually hunt them!

3. Inner Canal - The critters get tougher still as do the bloodfish.

4. North Barricade - Super Celps! Be careful in there!

5. The barricades now award climbing experience. Somehow that got lost over the years. If you can't climb them then you shouldn't be in there!

6. Thanks to GM Zeyurn who adjusted the Justice System to make it friendlier. The guards will still nab you if you try and murder each other but they should leave you alone for using roars and area spells.

7. The environment is now friendlier to Thieves and Rangers. It's just not fun to try and hunt and have your bonus go out the window!

8. There's a few new climbing challenges to play with.

There were some behind the scenes fixes but nothing you should notice. Let me know how things go!


GM Alvy

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