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Materials clarifications (Woods) · on 11/22/2020 10:44 659
This is what I can reveal at this time:


Bricklebranch is a long, straight branch from swamp shrubs, typically covered in hard, black, nasty thorns. Often used in spears or arrows. The material is largely unsuitable for plank crafting -- The branches are too thin and rough to get a good wood from it.

Must be provided for alterations: no


A very dense and particularly hard wood, finivire trees grow in rather dry regions and therefore soak up more of the minerals from the surrounding soils in their quest for water. This results in a very dark and mineral-rich wood, with the interior core of the tree becoming almost fossilized. Because of this, the wood is very strong and durable, and excellent for making bows.

Must be provided for alterations: yes

>>Ilithian cedar

Ilithian cedar is a strong, high-quality cedar. These trees usually grow in the mountain regions of Ilithi and begin as cone-shaped trees when young, but the branches eventually spread out to resemble a table. These trees have few branches compared to other cedar trees, and these branches occasionally drop to the ground without warning.

As a wood, Ilithian cedar is a bright honey color, polishes well, and is often used in ornamental jewelry.

Must be provided for alterations: no


Ilomba (a.k.a. boxboard or false nutmeg) is a tall and wide tree that is found in tropical hardwood rainforests. The wood is greyish white to pinkish brown, straight grained and with a coarse grain. The seeds contain a lot of oil and can be used as candles as well as for making soap.

Must be provided for alterations: yes


This is a small tree that grows to be around 10 to 20 feet in height. The branches grow close to the ground from a short, crooked trunk. The crown is open and non-symmetrical.

Must be provided for alterations: yes

>>Oshu'mary - tree or bush?

Oshu'mary is a small woody plant that typically grows wild with arrow-shaped leaves and white star-shaped flowers.

>>Peregan tree

Peregan is an evergreen tree that grows in mountain regions and can often reach enormous sizes. The tree is known for its large acorn-like nuts, which often drop from the trees to split open on the ground.

As a wood, peregan is similar to pine, but with a medium brown color and heavy knotting.

Must be provided for alterations: no


Shaal is a large sub deciduous tree. It is up to 30 meters high. The shaal tree is seldom completely leafless. It has large, leathery leaves and yellowish flowers. It has an inexpensive, satiny wood.

Must be provided for alterations: no

>>Skyfruit tree

in-game descriptions:

Skyfruit trees, while producing glorious, highly desired fruit, are notorious for stealing all the nutrients from the soil and requiring long, loving care for the fields to recover.

Tall and imposing, the orchard bears both varieties of skyfruit trees: sun-apples and star-pears. Many provinces would kill for one of the trees, so fabulous are their fruits. Yet this treasure-trove by Steelclaw Clan is untended and many trees look ready to die from lack of care. You wonder what could have driven off the orchard's caretakers.

Must be provided for alterations: no


Typically found in areas with plenty of water, tulvora are deciduous trees with palm-sized fragrant leaves that repel insects. The leaves have a heavy sweet and spicy fragrance and are often an additive in cigars.

Tulvora is a light-colored wood with little grain and is quite flexible. The wood makes for excellent fishing poles.

Must be provided for alterations: no

>>Finally, during the HotRF event, in Ashala'taman, you could pick "an osage orange blossom". Is that just an orange colored blossom from an osage tree in bloom, or is there a type of fruit, an osage orange, that can be picked from a tree or bush, or is "osage orange" considered a color?

The plant and fruit are based on the real-life osage orange:

Found in the savannah, osage is a type of mulberry with a large 40-60 foot trunk with dark bark and small leaves. The large lumpy fruit of osage trees is nonpoisonous but inedible and sometimes placed around houses to repel spiders.

Osage is prized for its heartwood, which ranges in color from orange to deep purple. Osage heartwood is so richly hued and finely grained that it needs no carving or ornamentation. Osage is highly prized for bowmaking.

Must be provided for alterations: no

GM Cordulia

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