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Ilithian cedar is a strong, high-quality cedar. These trees usually grow in the mountain regions of Ilithi and begin as cone-shaped trees when young, but the branches eventually spread out to resemble a table. These trees have few branches compared to other cedar trees, and these branches occasionally drop to the ground without warning.

As a wood, Ilithian cedar is a bright honey color, polishes well, and is often used in ornamental jewelry.

This wood is considered common and is not required to be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Aged Ilithian cedar repair caseSiegery Shop (1)Siegery Shop (2)Siegery Shop (3)Siegery Shop (4)true
Branching Ilithian cedar thighband bearing Ilithic apple blue rainbow sapphiresShimmer Shack (3)Shimmer Shack (4)Twined Ilithian cedar and Ilithic applewood jewelry treetrue
Dark Ilithian cedar archRelief in the Dark (3)true
Ilithian cedar marimba with onyx studded orange resonatorstrue
Ilithian cedar thigh quiver lined with jadeleaf mossHouse of the Revenant Fang 423/Incidental loottrue
Item:Dark Ilithian cedar archtrue
Jambiya with an iniskim-inlaid Ilithian cedar hiltHuldah Shrine prizes 410Huldah Shrine prizes 421true
Jousting lance of Ilithi cedar with blued steel reinforcementsfalse
Miniature Ilithian cedar panda cub dressed in delicate turbaurs and silkFashionable Panda (1)Fashionable Panda (2)true
Nomlas-shaped bones of smooth Ilithian cedar inlaid with alshabi stoneLaughing Nomlas (1)Laughing Nomlas (2)true
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