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Re: Kaldaran Census and Tuesday's Thoughts · on 8/26/2010 4:20:00 AM 1768
Actually... the most recent census was the one I ran this morning ::grin::. The one where 'Togs beat Kaldar. Only Rakash were lower.

Elves (21%)
Humans (18%)
Elotheans (13%)
Prydaen (7%)
Halflings (6%)
Gnome (6%)
S'kra Mur (5%)
Gor'Togs (5%)
Dwarves (5%) (Tied with 'Togs)
Kaldar (5%)
Rakash (4%)

(And, yes, I know it looks like a tie due to rounding, but trust me, it isn't.)

Thems the breaks.


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