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Guild Politics and Spell Research · on 03/07/2016 09:47 PM CST 946
Guildmaster Prime Taramaine and Heritage Keeper Raelyka had a bit of a... scholarly disagreement, but the end result was the release of Braun's Conjecture and Destiny Ciper.

You hear a male voice yell from the northeast, "You've wasted enough of my time with this pointless argument!"

Guildmaster Prime Taramaine just arrived, leading his group.

> look taramaine
You see Guildmaster Prime Taramaine Ennis-Braun, an Elf.
Taramaine has silver eyes. His white hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose. He has pale skin.
He appears to be mature.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a heavy crystal glass of Genial Gentleman bourbon in his right hand.
He is wearing a moonstone gwethdesuan, a dusky leather tome satchel, regal robes woven from rich purple and golden silks, a belt of finely woven platinum chain and a golden medallion engraved with the seal of the Moon Mage Guild.
> look rael
You see Heritage Keeper Raelyka, an Elothean.
Raelyka has an oval face, tilted almond-shaped brown eyes and a freckled nose. Her brunette hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn pulled back in a loose ponytail bound with a black ribbon. She has pale skin and a slender figure.
She is average height for an Elothean.
She appears to be middle-aged.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of silver-rimmed reading glasses attached to a slender silver chain, a well worn leather book satchel, a tan cotton robe, an undyed linen tunic, a pair of loose woolen pants and some raw leather sandals with soft soles.

Taramaine says to Raelyka, "Enough! You've dragged me around this city twice over."

Raelyka sighs.

Taramaine exclaims to Raelyka, "Just conceed the point and move on already!"

Raelyka says to Taramaine, "The Heritage Keepers have been working tirelessly on the research."

Taramaine says, "The journal is perfectly clear."

Taramaine says, "They've done fine work, but they need to leave credit where it's due."

Taramaine shakes his head.

Raelyka says, "A single journal isn't the sort of source we would typically stake such significant claims upon."

Taramaine says, "I'll not hear you cast doubt on the word of Darrial Braun."

Taramaine points at a small bronze plaque.

Taramaine says, "The Pethians understand how this works."

Taramaine says, "They've done good work and dug this up."

Taramaine points at a small bronze plaque.

Taramaine says, "And they get credit for it."

Raelyka says, "Yes, of course."

Raelyka says, "If it's all that important then so be it."

Raelyka says, "The important thing is that the knowledge is released to our students."

Taramaine says, "So it's done. Darrial's research is clear - he completed Jares' work and it's unfortunate that the completed work wasn't discovered until now."

Taramaine says, "Yes, yes, of course."

Taramaine says, "And again, credit your team for their efforts in protecting the Braun legacy."

Raelyka says, "I'll be certain to do that."

Taramaine says, "Without them this knowledge may not have been found again, but I'll hear no more of this Ilbani nonsense."

Raelyka nods.

Raelyka says, "Understood Grandmaster."

Taramaine says, "They can have credit for the other one, that's unique research I'll grant you."

Raelyka says, "And what of our other work. Did you have an opportunity to..."

Raelyka smiles at Taramaine.

Taramaine says, "Yes, of course I did."

Raelyka says, "We were very pleased with the outcomes."

Raelyka nods.

Taramaine says, "It's an interesting bit of magic, well constructed, but I'm not sure it has real potential."

Taramaine says, "But I see no harm in it's release."

Taramaine seems to notice for the first time he has an audience.

Lijarna nods politely.

You nod politely.

Taramaine says, "Students."

You say, "Good evening, Grandmaster."

Taramaine nods to you.

Raelyka smiles.

Taramaine nods to Lijarna.

Lijarna says, "Well met, Grandmaster."

Lijarna says, "And you as well."

Lijarna nods amiably at Raelyka.

Taramaine seems to dismiss you and returns his attention to Raelyka.

Raelyka says, "A pleasure."

Raelyka says, "It's always inspiring to encounter eager Students."

Taramaine asks Raelyka, "So we're agreed? No more of this nonsense and I can finally get on with my work?"

You smile at Raelyka.

Raelyka glances at Taramaine.

Taramaine scans the rooms in an attempt to dislodge any stalkers.

Raelyka says to Taramaine, "Your wishes are made clear, Grandmaster."

Taramaine says to Raelyka, "Indeed."

Raelyka says, "I wanted you to see the research, but obviously I was..."

Raelyka says, "...mistaken."

Raelyka squirms.

Taramaine says, "I wanted to see the results, not speculation and rumormongering."

Taramaine says, "And I've seen them and told you they're acceptable."

Taramaine says, "Make sure they're distributed properly, the Goldcaps are at your disposal."

Raelyka nods.

Raelyka says, "Most helpful. Thank you, Grandmaster."

Taramaine seems lost in thought a moment.

Taramaine asks Raelyka, "One last matter. How is he doing?"

Raelyka says to Taramaine, "His mind seems almost fully his own again."

Raelyka says, "It's encouraging."

You smile.

Raelyka says, "But there are undeniable lingering effects."

Taramaine says, "Good. Good. Let him know I request his presence as soon as he's well enough to travel. I understand progress with these things can be slow, but he's needed."

Taramaine says, "Maybe we'll be able to salvage something from this whole debacle."

Raelyka matter-of-factly asks Taramaine, "Besides him, you mean?"

Raelyka nods.

Raelyka says, "I'll certainly pass your message along at my next visit."

Taramaine exclaims to Raelyka, "While I value Tiv and everything he has done for this guild, the loss of an entire guildhall, countless irreplaceable artifacts, a shard and a deaths toll we're still struggling to put numbers to is a debacle!"

Taramaine says to Raelyka, "His survive doesn't change that."

Taramaine dusts himself off.

Taramaine nods to Raelyka.

Guildmaster Prime Taramaine went through a pair of massive bronze doors.

Raelyka slowly empties her lungs.

Lijarna grins wryly.

Raelyka smiles at Lijarna.

You say, "Well... It is good to hear Tiv is recovering."

You nod.

Lijarna nods in agreement.

Raelyka says, "Yes, from the initial trauma at least."

Lijarna says, "Certainly heartening news."

Raelyka says, "In some ways returning to his full senses has been a greater challenge than being lost in possibility."

Lijarna says, "And perhaps his struggles will ultimately provide him, and the guild as a whole, with more than simply his return to us."

Lijarna says, "None have had such an experience as he has, at least that I can recall talk of."

Raelyka says, "I'll need to make plans to dispatch the Goldcaps before going to see him again though."

Raelyka says, "Still some work to be done before this research can be put to bed."

You say, "Yes, what was that about? I didn't want to interrupt earlier, but it sounded interesting."

Lijarna asks, "What new research has come to light?"

Lijarna cocks her head.

Raelyka nods to you.

Raelyka says to Lijarna, "The culmination of work that Heritage House researchers have been engaged in for some time."

Raelyka says, "Two new spell patterns."

Raelyka says, "Stable."

Raelyka says, "Useful."

Raelyka smiles.

Lijarna flashes a wide grin.

You ask, "The Grandmaster dismissed it, but there was something about an Ilbani? Jon Ilbani?"

Raelyka says, "The Grandmaster has a particular opinion on the origins of some of the work done on one of the patterns."

Raelyka says, "It didn't align completely with our own research, but he did produce that journal..."

You ask, "Journal?"

Lijarna says, "There is always more to be seen. Deeper thoughts."

Lijarna asks, "Ilbani's journal?"

Raelyka says, "No, the Grandmaster's ancestor's journal. Darrial Braun."

Raelyka says, "It suggests that he refined the work started by Jares Braun which ultimately has resulted in the pattern for what will be called Braun's Conjecture, now that the disagreement is behind us."

Raelyka says, "We had some conflicting research regarding the origins, but that's moot at this point."

Raelyka wryly asks, "Besides, who are we to care so much about the names of things?"

You chuckle.

Lijarna nods in agreement.

Lijarna says, "I'd say that more significant thing is the new pattern itself and its applications."

Raelyka says, "It's versatile."

Raelyka says, "Providing a boon to many tasks that require the use of enlightened geometry."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Raelyka says, "Greater facility at transmogrifying and splitting your prediction pools, reducing the time required to analyze your own prediction state, reducing teleportation stun."

Raelyka says, "To name a few."

Raelyka smiles.

You say, "All useful."

You nod.

Lijarna says, "And that certainly aligns with the work these mages are known for."

Lijarna nods in agreement.

Raelyka says, "The other pattern I'm very proud of."

You ask, "Is that the one that was unique research by Heritage House?"

Raelyka nods to you.

Raelyka says, "It represents a significant step toward manifesting the aims of the House."

Raelyka says, "Namely unification."

You ask, "Interesting. How so?"

Raelyka says, "It brings equity to the use of prediction tools among users."

Raelyka says, "Helping you work with those you might otherwise be unfamiliar with."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Lijarna says, "Useful, at least for a time, given that the ripples no longer dance in our bowls."

Lijarna chuckles.

Raelyka says, "The underlying elements of the spell were drawn from the classic work of a variety of sects."

Raelyka says, "And in combination help you to clarify the meaning of prophecy, no matter the method you use."

Lijarna says, "Approaching the goal of divination along many paths would likely help paint a fuller picture of the knowledge we would seek."

You say, "That does sound helpful."

You nod.

Lijarna says, "A laudable achievement."

Raelyka says, "I look forward to seeing them released to the Guildleaders."

Raelyka says, "Which I really should be attending to presently."

Lijarna nods.

You nod.

Lijarna says, "It was illuminating to have what time you could spare."

Raelyka says, "My apologies for the argument you had to witness."

Raelyka says, "Research is not always a quiet affair."

You say, "No apologies needed. I know that sometimes research can become... heated."

You grin wryly.

Lijarna says, "If everyone wanted to follow the same path, we wouldn't arrive anywhere new."

Lijarna shrugs.

Raelyka says, "Have a good morning."

Raelyka nods.

Lijarna says, "As to you."

Heritage Keeper Raelyka went through a pair of massive bronze doors.

- Miskton

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