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Free Empaths of the Crystal Tower Introduction · on 03/13/2013 09:08 PM CDT 2
Hi! For those of you who were unable to attend the kick off party for FECT, I'll put a copy of the speech I gave here. It sums up what the group is about, and why we feel that it's important that we create this.

"Most of you are likely aware of the rather recent bans that have been placed on empaths regarding shifting in most cities. Ilithi is the only one that has decided to let the empath guild handle the issue itself, without government involvement. It is because of this that we've decided to base our group in Shard.

The guild has not been forthcoming in all of our abilities, including knowledge of shifting, and manipulation. We know that there is more that we not being told, and many empaths wish to break down the walls, and know exactly what we are capable of. I know of the arguments of how dangerous it could be on different levels, however I don't feel that ignorance is ever a solution.

I don't think that we need to teach novice empaths some of our more potentially dangerous abilities, but they shouldn't be hidden, either. Blades can be dangerous, but also serve a purpose. We don't hide them away and never even admit to their existence. We allow children to know what they are, and show them how to use, and care for them. We teach them how not to use them as well.

Most of the time, the child grows up with a respect for how to properly handle a blade, and there is no problem. When someone acts inappropriately, punishment by a higher authority is called for. Our abilities should be dealt with much the same way. We should be taught just what we can do, with warnings about what could go wrong. If an empath uses these abilities inappropriately, then they can be dealt with.

Since I know that there are many others who share some of my feelings on the matter, it seemed that we should support each other. Scattered about we won't be effective, but if we gather together, who knows what we can accomplish? I don't claim to have all of the answers, but I strongly feel that so many like-minded empaths together can be nothing but good. It is because of this, that we've decided to start the Free Empaths of the Crystal Tower.

We chose the name to reflect our freedom from the limitations placed on us by the guild. The symbol that we chose to identify us is a hand cradling a realistic heart, within a circle of crystal. The circle represents the city of Shard, while the hand represents the link of life, which make one an empath.
We don't need to always have serious meetings or discussions, although, I would like to have those, as well.

I think that banding together could have a big impact, and show the Modian that not all of us are quiet lambs, willing to be herded and molded into their idea of a good empath. I have nothing against those who wish to do nothing more than to heal others, as it is a noble calling. I do feel that those who wish for more options should be given the chance to explore them.

In addition to meeting together, we'd like to have social events. These can both help to solidify group bonds, as well as make our presence known. Things that have come to mind are group hunting parties for empaths, holding Days of Shifting in Shard, and arranging tours of local interesting areas. We'd also like to help any new empaths learn to manipulate, and assist them on their quest to learn how to shift. We are always open to suggestions about ideas that others have. If there is anything that you would like to see happen, please let me know, and I will see what I can do to make it happen!

I should also give a word of warning. I did not go and talk with the Modian about forming this group, but I know it will not please them. There may be very serious consequences for being involved, so please keep this in mind. I happen to feel that it's a cause I'm willing to take risks for. They could also choose to ignore us, and hope that we go away. In either case, I hope that some of you will choose to join us, and see what we can do together!"

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