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Re: Forging Factor and Rules of Thumb · on 5/1/2009 3:27:37 AM 7588
>>Easy to test Oolan. Use any guild (I recommend warrior mage) and a paladin. Give them each 200 FF then have them pound out a 510 field plate mix which is a good "base mix" and the mix I give most folks starting plate forging (10 iron bars, 4 dust, 3.5 dust). If you want, I can do the mix this evening and leave it on a forge in the shard forge so you can just copy it and do your testing without having to mix it.

I appreciate the offer. It's not something I'm going to worry about testing to be honest. I was in the code looking for an answer to a question being asked by another GM and while there confirmed there was indeed the paladin bonus in place. It works the way it works and that isn't something I'm going to change at this point because the rewrite will, as you know, be doing away with guild based bonuses.

As for the other questions raised, it is indeed accurate that the "bonus" simply lowers the difficulty for a Barbarian or Paladin. The higher the difficulty, the more obviously the bonus becomes, but beyond that capped is capped. If a non-Barbarian has the skills required, there is nothing in the system to prevent them from fully pounding out and grinding a blade for instance. Clearly the addition of grinding to blades and other factors conspire to make the total skills required for armor making lower or more easily aquired and so the Paladin bonus seems less impressive or as suggested by others, by the time Paladins tend to take up smithing, they are at the upper end of where they even need the bonus which in turn impacts the perception of it. Even the skills required conspire, in that it takes 4 blades or 4 blunts for most weapons where it's 2 armors.

GM Oolan Jeel

PS. FF is a player created number and isn't entirely representative of the formula used though it is a close approximation. Thus I can't really give a test body "200FF" directly though I could of course put in a mixture of skills to simulate what you would term 200 Forging Factor. ;)

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Smithing Skill, by DR-OOLAN on the forums.