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F2P - Guild Abilities Outside of P1 · on 03/31/2015 08:42 PM CDT 3271
Hiya folks,

I've just rolled in the first part of an update to allow F2P players access to guild abilities/quests/spells that require travelling outside of P1 to learn. Currently I have things set up for Warrior Mages, Clerics, and Thieves. The remaining guilds will be set up in a few days.

First off, for Warrior Mages and Clerics, when you are told about an ability that you can/need to do that takes you outside of P1, there will be messaging at the bottom that lets you know you can visit the Citizenship office in Crossing if you need a visa to travel. Thieves have never told members about various abilities, so there is no reminder there.

If you have already circled beyond when you are first offered an ability, that's fine, you can still make use of this system.

Here's how it works. If you visit the Citizenship Office in the Town Hall in Crossing and ask the clerk about "visa" or "travel", he'll let you know if you qualify for a temporary travel visa, and how much gold it will cost. The visa will always be for the earliest guild ability you are missing, so unless you happen to want to go to the same province as the earliest one you are missing, then you will need to finish up your old ability quests before working on newer ones.

Once you confirm that you'd like the visa, and pay the kindly clerk, you will have 24 hours access to the province that is mentioned. You will be given dire warnings of those who flaunt the guild visa system by overstaying. These warnings are serious. If your visa expires and you are still in an area that you don't normally have access to, you will be hunted down, tied up, beaten, mugged, fined, and spoken down to by an underpaid civil servant. You will also have a much longer period of time to wait before receiving a new visa for some new ability that you may need to get later. If you return on time, or at the very least, before the bounty hunters find you, then you can apply for another visa sooner. Returning does not require going back to the Citizenship office. You merely need to be somewhere in P1, or any province you have a passport for, or no longer be F2P.

Currently this system works for:
Warrior Mages - The Pathway Quests in Throne City
Clerics - Infusion, Resurrection, Murrula's Flames, and Truffenyi
Thieves - Signs, Ambushes


ASGM Ricinus
Core, Logistics, Survival
Cleric Advocate

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