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Re: Empath Events · on 08/29/2012 01:31 PM CDT 470
Annael, Halfrida, Haaltekar, Sarhhsna, Wyllen, K'xonei, Eksharo and Mirinn met up tonight at Eksharo's house (which seems to be somewhere north-ish on Willow Walk). We were unable to mirror and find out what they were doing. Annael left first, she was apparently asked to leave. Mirinn left next, but she wandered off somewhere. Halfrida went to the Crossing guild briefly. I didn't see anyone else before I wandered back out of town.

My apologies if this is poorly edited, I have little experience in posting logs. I did miss a small portion of the conversation.

You say to Annael, "So rare to see you out of the garden."
Annael says, "Good morning."
Annael says, "Yes, my duties do not often permit me to wander."
You say, "Seems we have more young students of empathy these days."
Kalyndara says, "So we're totally curious."
Annael says, "They asked me to leave."
Kalyndara asks, "What?"
Vansiil asks, "The meeting.. or the Guild?"
Annael says, "The meeting."
You say, "The guild." (I laughed at Vansiil.)
Kalyndara asks, "Oh, why?"
Annael says, "I certainly couldn't slip my other obligations so easily as that."
Annael says, "I'm just a Wen, I suppose."
Vansiil says, "Things -have- been strange lately."
Marssi asks, "Maybe hey are playing some weird drinking games?"
Annael says, "Well, maybe now."
(Missed some conversation.)
Marssi says, "Oh, she was saying that she and Asrea had that in common."
Annael says, "Something went wrong, with Yvei."
Annael says, "She was always in Ilithi."
Annael says, "So I only heard about it secondhand."
Annael says, "She was one of our most promising researchers, but after a decade or so, she became paranoid."
Annael says, "I'm not sure exactly how to explain it."
Marssi asks, "Did she just take off and disappear until now?"
Annael says, "She pestered K'Miriel for a year or so about her delusions, and then she just left."
Annael says, "I had hoped she had found peace."
Heartsfyre asks, "Was something that she researched a cause for her. paranoia?"
Annael says, "Her research was always very cutting-edge, but I hadn't heard that she had come across anything particularly dangerous even at the end."
Marssi says, "In Lang, I saw her change a guy who was shooting at her into a female without his consent..."
Heartsfyre says, "That is.."
Marssi says to Heartsfyre, "Jondong took a shot at her, and then he became a she."
Vansiil says, "Prolly deserved it."
Meganlique says to Marssi, "Castrating him is not that bad of a thing really."
Annael says, "I had better not talk about that."
Annael says, "There will be consequences."
Annael says, "The Modien are very conservative."
Kalyndara says, "A bit too conservative."
Annael says, "I worry that this will just push them further."
Marssi asks, "I talked to Asrea, and she claimed that K'Eksharo called us "empuffs". Would he really call us that?"
Annael says, "I am not fond of that phrase, myself."
Marssi says, "I hate that term."
Annael says, "K'Eksharo is very old, and he is frustrated and unhappy."
You say, "Considering what he has been through, that is hardly surpising."
Annael says, "Wyllen is also very old, but she is more flexible, I suppose."
Annael says, "She didn't get to where she is by being set in her ways."
Kalyndara says, "Not met that one yet."
Annael says, "Not all of them are so conservative, but the majority, unfortunately."
Riesling asks, "Didn't you already kick those two out of the guild? What else can be done, report them to the authorities?"
Annael asks, "Asrea and Yvei?"
Riesling says, "I'm sure they could be arrested for that."
Annael says, "They were not the only empaths implicated in what happened."
Heartsfyre says, "Ohhh.."
Annael says, "The rumor is that ..."
Kalyndara says, "Didn't know that."
Annael says, "I shouldn't talk about it, I'm sorry. Perhaps if you ask someone who was there."
Annael says, "But I heard that the ... incident was quickly rectified, on the streets of Langenfirth."
Marssi says, "Necromancers were around, and brought out constructs."
Kalyndara asks, "Is this the incident just a few days ago?"
Marssi says, "Yes."
Heartsfyre says, "Even a veteran of war empath would find it hard to go against a construct from a good necro."
Kalyndara says, "Oh that was an odd mess."
Annael says, "A 'good' necromancer...d."
You say, "A well skilled one."
Kalyndara says, "It was a dillo."
Annael says, "I am sorry that such even exist."
Annael asks, "Not a lich, I hope?" Marssi says, "There was a zombie, and a glass construct."
Marssi says, "I don't think so. I just saw Einmyria there."
Vansiil says, "She was all white and ridgey."
Annael says, "I don't understand why Mirinn was killed."
Marssi says, "I was there, and I don't really know what happened."
Annael says, "I understand the same group who killed her kidnappers also killed her? It seems very senseless."
Marssi says, "I think everyone might have been on edge to start with."
Heartsfyre says, "Prolly got in the way.. Ya never know what it could have been."
Marssi says, "The Therengian people didn't want most of the people that were there to be there."
Marssi says, "The people that were there didn't want to be forced away."
You say, "It helps that necromancers do not have a strong record with sanity."
Marssi says, "Necromancers also wanted to just cause chaos."
Kalyndara says, "They have an excessively long list of people they don't want."
Marssi says, "It was a lot to process."
Annael says, "Poor Mirinn. After all she has done..."
Annael says, "I think she may be the only person alive to have been a Wen, a Moda -and- an Aev."
Annael says, "I'll have to check our records I suppose, to be certain."
Annael says, "Perhaps I should return to my duties. K'Eksharo rather specfically directed me to return to my post."
Marssi says, "That's some neat trivia."
Annael says, "Doubtless there is a line out the door at this point. Perhaps I need a vacation."
Marssi says, "You'd deserve one."
Annael says, "Thank you, child."
Annael says, "Good morning to all of you."

Halfrida says to Kalyndara, "Morning."
Kalyndara says, "G'morning."
You say, "Hopefully it will rain less today."
Halfrida says, "Good for the fields."
Kalyndara says, "The instruments would appreciate that much."
You say, "Garden is doing very well and it is not even summer yet."
Sharane says, "Hello."
Halfrida asks, "No more bombings lately?"
Kalyndara says, "Haven't flown in the air for at least a week."
Halfrida says, "Hmmmm."
You ask, "Any progress on tracking down those responsible?"
Halfrida says, "Not yet."
Halfrida says, "I haven't been able to find anyone with sufficient motive."
You say, "Seems odd that only this guildhall is being attacked."
Halfrida says, "It does."
You quietly ask Halfrida, "You do not think they are after Annael?"
Halfrida asks, "After"
Halfrida says, "It's not the garden being bombed, it's the infirmary and sometimes here."
Kalyndara says, "No the bombings normally hit the infirmary."
You say, "It is well known she cares for her students. Perhaps attacking them is meant to make her suffer."
Halfrida says, "That's true."
Halfrida says, "I'm surprised she has been so little able to help us with the investigation."
Powerhaus says, "Hmm."
Halfrida says, "More sentimentality, perhaps."
You say, "Well, she rarely leaves the garden."
You say, "You can not see much of what happens out here from in there."
Kalyndara says, "I really don't think a shadowy figure that is only remembered after the bombing, is much to investigate."
Halfrida asks, "She can sense that a dockhand in Lemicus Square has a touch of scurvy, but she can't tell who is bombing her guildhall?"
Kalyndara says, "Not if they're cloaked magically."
Halfrida says, "True, I suppose."
Halfrida says, "Still."
Powerhaus asks, "She did summon for you though didn't she?"
Halfrida says, "Yes. That's so."
Halfrida says, "Well."
Halfrida says, "I have a long way to go."
Halfrida says, "Safe travels."

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