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Currency and You! · on 02/05/2016 11:53 PM CST 1523
A while back, someone mentioned that "hey it'd be kind of nice to know what currency in DR looked like" and I thought to myself, "Self, you like collecting coins and numismatics, so why not!?"

So, without further ado:

Oblong in shape, the DOKORA is the heaviest of the Elanthian currencies because of the weighted raised edges it possesses. These weighted edges exist to counterbalance a square hole in the middle of each DOKORA. The origins of the DOKORA are in Ilithi, although the coin is used elsewhere, and so one side shows two lotus blooms flanking the square hole, while the other side depicts a single cloud above and the words "Ylosh Sampul" below.

Shaped like a diamond with rounded edges, the LIRUM is the only coin of Elanthia to feature the likeness of a person. Along the corners on both sides of the coin, tiny roses have been stamped. One side features a stoic looking human woman with her hair in a bun. Centered under the portrait is the name LIRUM. On the reverse side, a simple seven-pointed star is situated in the middle with the words FEAS, KHALOR, HALEEN around the coin.

The KRONAR is a round coin, with no edges. The circumference of the coin slopes downward, giving the edge of the entire coin a sharp, almost weapon-like look to it. On one side, a minuscule map of the contiguous landmass with the words ZOHLU REN underneath. The reverse shows the broad, patient face of an ox - symbolizing Elanthia as Truffenyi's planet.

Bonus Currency Descriptions!
Each Emperor minted a coin of his or her predecessor, with their likeness and name along with the dates of rule. DIRA were minted in pure silver with high raised edges which was then surrounded by a thin band of the metal of the denomination of the DIRA. Much like present day currency, the DIRA came in copper, bronze, silver or gold. Platinum was not yet needed. Unfortunately, over the passage of time, the thin bands of these denomination markers have either worn off the coins or been removed, leaving most DIRA today as only the plain silver "internal" coin.

(For reference, this means the coin was minted in silver, then an additional band of copper, bronze, silver, or gold was added to the outside to note the denomination.)

Used by Vykathi as currency, oravir slivers are just that. They are not uniform in shape or size (although larger ones are not used or broken down into smaller slivers for storage purposes) and have no markings on them whatsoever.


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