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Re: Core guild skills. · on 11/27/2008 12:26:50 AM 5662
>For people, I feel this should do something similar to what Empath perceieve health does, plus give direction. But it should cover an even larger scale, based on scouting skill. Maybe have it work up to an entire province. Giving general directions like north/south, until you get closer, where it fine tunes down to "to the east" or "across the bridge."<

As I've mentioned at Con, this is already in development as an ability for everyone but Rangers being by far the best at which uses perception, stalking, and scouting. However, going an entire province is completely and utterly impossible. Perceive health at high levels is already an insane drag on resources. 6ish rooms is the most we can allow, unless we want the server to start exploding.

I can't give too much away about how things work but the DIR system has to be specially handled and can freeze the development server for minutes straight whenever we adjust it, and that's just a city.


This message was originally posted in The Rangers (31) \ Ranger Ideas - Suggestions For Improvement (7), by DR-ZEYURN on the forums.