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Re: Bard cyclic scrolls. · on 04/14/2013 02:06 PM CDT 7970
Some spells need a confound, something "extra" that guild supplies that makes their magic work, and without it those spells fail. This is one of the fastest ways for a spell to make it onto the signature list.

For example for Moon Mages that's spells that require their connection to the Plane of Probability, for Empath's it's Empathy, Paladins their soul and so forth. For Bards it's their relationship with music. It happens to be that the spells that require that connection are all of their cyclic spells right now (Since Bards have a larger share of cyclic spells as part of their guild "thing") but in theory there's not stopping a non cyclic Bard spell from being signature or Bards having a cyclic spell that wasn't music based and thus wasn't signature.

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