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Re: And Justice for All (Crafting Halls) · on 05/03/2015 11:25 AM CDT 1279
>> Do note: They're not patrolled justice areas.

>>What does that mean?

Not Raesh, but what it means is that there are not guards that wander around inside of the crafting halls. This means there is not that passive risk for arrest for those with an outstanding warrant, and that there are not right-there guards to ACCUSE someone to.

It does not mean that someone can't get more charges for things they do in there, because that's exactly what the change did make happen. It also does not entirely protect someone from being Hounded there, but to be fair, the Hounds already don't strictly care if you are in a justice zone or not when they come to dispense their fanatical mob murder-justice, they just tend to be summoned via interactions within justice zones more often than otherwise. Other outcomes related to being a Necromancer} in a justice zone are just as possible to happen in a crafting hall as anywhere else in a justice zone that doesn't directly require a guard to wander into the room you're in.

>> Really though, and it's been said already, you're not being soft-locked out of an entire skill set, even remotely. To train/practice all but one of the crafting systems in the game, you only need to visit the societies to get your tools and materials, which makes them pretty much just shops

This is completely accurate. You are no more hindered from buying your supplies or interacting with the shopkeeper portions of the crafting halls than you are with any other shop. It's just a lot less safe now to hang out in there doing things that are illegal in a justice zone, whether that's to use the stationary crafting tools while being a Necromancer who would rather not deal with the ACCUSE system over that long period of time, or to teach illegal classes and not get charges, or murder people and not get charges, or to shift people and not get charges, etc.

>> That means that the only society ...(related to this issue)... is forging, because you've got to stand around the forge, and there is a forge outside of justice

This is also correct.

>>that sucks that there aren't more, but there almost certainly will be

While I'm not usually directly involved in the placement of new crafting halls, I will say that this is not a bad assumption.

>>if not the portable forge (or some other version) I suggested above.

Magical portal forge/foundry devices do in fact exist, both as the scoin version mentioned by another poster, and as an auction item that is not entirely unlikely to be seen again. Enterprising justice-adverse folks could potentially get themselves one of these and perhaps even work out a system of meet ups in non-justice areas with other said justice-adverse folks who might want to also make use of this sort of thing.


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