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What I am hoping is you're looking for a discussion on the politics of Qi. What I am afraid of is this discussion is going to turn into a bunch claims with out any substance or basis in game lore.

The players do not make the rules on any island or in any Province.

This is NOT the conflicts folder, if this turns into a 'Theren Sux' thread, consider it over before you continue.

Just so we're all on the same page, here is the breakdown on actual population.

The following is the released actual populations numbers of Qi.

Qi is an extensive province made up of islands. While the overall area is quite large, some 140,000 square miles, only about 50,000 is inhabitable. Because of the nature of the islands, they most likely have a higher percentage of urban population, deriving some large measure of their food supplies from trade. They are also likely to have a somewhat higher population density, or about 51 people per square mile.

Total Population -- 2,550,000
Rural -- 2,000,000
Urban -- 550,000
Ratha -- 150,000
Mer'Kresh -- 150,000
Surlaenis -- 150,000
Hara'jaal -- 3,000
Fever Point -- 1,000
Penal Colony - 600
Ruih -- 2,000 (unreleased town on Ratha)
Unknown cities/towns/villages -- 93,400

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