Fever Point

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Fever Point pier requires citizenship to access from the land but not the sea unless you have moderately-high Athletics skill. Boat owners be warned!


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Fever Point
Location: M'Riss, Qi'Reshalia (RanikMap108)
Class / Type: Lower, Middle, Upper / Rural, Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: none
Form: Free, Tree
Homes (Free): 6 (1)
Last Checked: 28 Apr 2018

Fever Point.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Empty Village - 1 Lower Class, Rural Kasto fieldstone shelter
Woods - 2 Upper Class, Rural Xarggis towering oak tree
Beach - 3 Upper Class, Rural Xailan elegant white sandstone villa
Forest - 4 Upper Class, Rural Capprius majestic broad-canopied tree
Sailor's Ramble - 5 Middle Class, Urban Unclaimed neat stone block house
Sailor's Ramble - 6 Middle Class, Urban Othar cedar frame cottage

Picked Flora

  • In room #5, which is also where the gem shop is located, you can pick:
  • In room #6, you can pick: