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Re: A few questions on spell scrolls in 3.0 · on 08/28/2012 05:53 AM CDT 1501
>>Actually, I don't believe this will be true.

All the healing spells require an understanding of Empathy to use. For the more mundane healing spells, an Empath who is permashocked can still use them, but their ability to cast them will suffer significantly. That's to say, something important is missing, but the Empath's understanding of empathy will allow them to manage the pattern anyway.

The more fantastic healing spells actually require some empathy for the pattern to work at all. An Empath's ability to cast the spell will decrease as his shock increases. So those spells will be unavailable to a permashocked Empath.

There are some oddball non-healing spells that are also applications of Empathy (heart link, compel, innocence, a few others) but the rest of the spells are fair game. Empaths are getting some pretty decent buffs, and I don't think any of them are signature or tied into empathy in any way.


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