Porly's Emporlyum (4)

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Porly's Emporlyum
Event Premium Mini Festival 418, Dwarven Culture Faire 419
Owner Porly
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Porly's Emporlyum, Oddities From Afar]
Interesting objects abound in the boxes, crates and barrels that lie scattered around the corners of this makeshift shack. A vivid blue sign hangs on the far wall (though, given the shack's unstable appearance, the sign's nails may do double duty to hold the wall together) and faded carpets cover the grass in an attempt to keep the damp from the goods for sale.
You also see a carved teak bin with a small card on it, a white marble pedestal with a small white marble jar inlaid with golden circles of varying sizes on it, a hand-carved teak table with several things on it, a felt-covered table with several things on it and a tilted door.
Obvious exits: none.

A bright blue sign reads:

          PorLy's EmPorLyum
    Gud Stuff for Gud Custumerz 

In the carved teak bin
Item Price Done
ironwood talking stick wrapped with three silver bands 7,216   
silverbark talking stick with a spiked silver end-cap 16,236   
fine deobar talking stick with small flying birds burned into the surface 8,118   
burnished mahogany talking stick wrapped around the middle with a length of rawhide cord 9,020   
talking stick made from a single twisted limb of thick oak 9,020   
talking stick carved to resemble a cobra with fang-baring jaws agape 10,824   
solid oak talking stick with a gold inlaid spiral design that goes from end to end 22,550   
solid oak talking stick with a silver inlaid spiral design that goes from end to end 19,844   
A small card reads: “~ The sticks in this bin have been made with a special purpose in mind to keep the order intact for groups large and small. As is customary, whoever holds the stick may speak, and in respect all others are silent. The stick is passed from orator to orator, and allows everyone their time and voice. These have all been crafted with utmost care and style to be tasteful, powerful, and easily seen so that they may serve their purpose well. ~"

On the white marble pedestal
Item Price Done
small white marble jar inlaid with golden circles of varying sizes 4,961   
On the hand-carved teak table
Item Price Done
coal-black crow prayer-feather 9,020   
glossy black vulture prayer-feather 9,020   
curled grey goshawk prayer-feather 9,020   
vibrant blue heron prayer-feather 9,020   
soft tawny brown wren prayer-feather 9,020   
white dove prayer-feather 9,020   !!
long albatross prayer-feather 9,020   !!
fuligin magpie prayer-feather 9,020   
bent grey shrike prayer-feather 9,020   
sleek tan nightingale prayer-feather 9,020   
pristine white snow owl prayer-feather 9,020   !!
speckled raven prayer-feather 9,020   !!
A small note reads:"~ The feathers on this table have been specially blessed by savages and tribesmen from far off lands. When used in reflection, the spirit of the birds they have been taken from help to carry prayers to the heavens. Treat them with care and never let them touch the floor, for a grounded feather quickly loses its power. ~"
On the felt-covered table
Item Price Done
Guildleader Silvyrfrost bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Esuin bobblehead 18,040   
cloaked and hooded bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Kssarh bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Salvur bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Kalika bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Imaar bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Darius bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Gauthus bobblehead 18,040   
Guildleader Agonar bobblehead 18,040