Platinum Anniversary Festival 415

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Platinum-only festival, open from March 30 to April 6.


Now many months past, dangerous bandits disturbed festivities within the Crossing, causing various havoc before bleeding back into the shadows from where they came. Amongst those who were menaced was a group of Berengaria worshipers transporting very odd, brightly painted, miniature cows.

Though at the time the cowherds were distressed to the point of leaving the Crossing once their precious holy creatures were all returned to them with the help of several local adventurers, they have now chosen to return, bringing fellow Berengaria worshipers and other merchants alike to engage in a celebration of light and joy!

Rumors of the tiny cows manifesting strange powers and holy blessings run rampant through the streets -- and from the sounds of things, that's what the cowherds intend for their creatures to do as well! They have vowed to re-create the wild events of that day of happenstance, this time not as an accident or attempt at brigandry, but as a show of holy glory and strength!


Town Green area of Crossing.