Permutations of Siksraja

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Permutations of Siksraja
Province Therengia
Town Siksraja
Map Ranik's Map 149
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Rakash shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Permutations of Siksraja]
This small shop is brightened by gaethzen stars set into the top of its central support pole. A plush rug covers the floor and swathes of colorful fabrics are tacked to the tent walls, their hues matching those of a stack of pillows arranged near the back. Giving the tent a cluttered feel, wares are displayed upon every available surface, though many of the browsing Rakash customers seem to navigate the space without issue. You also see a wooden stand with several things on it, a display case, a multi-pronged rack with several things on it, a crate, a lemonwood dresser, an exit flap and a cedar chest.
Obvious exits: none.

On the support pole
Item Price Done
embroidered white satin laulivas laufisana 2,000   !!
embroidered black satin laulivas laufisana 2,000   
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
lilac striped odaj 47.385   !!
dark grey odaj 2,750   !!
midnight-blue damask odaj 7,846   !!
brown ramie odaj 4,075   !!
dark green cotton odaj 6,075   !!
shiny black satin odaj 16,402   !!
gold and yellow checked odaj 3,740   !!
black faille odaj 3,000   !!
white faille odaj 3,000   !!
In the display case
Item Price Done
onyx bangle dangling crow charms interspersed with silver bells 2,000   !!
enameled bangle dangling butterfly charms interspersed with colorful bells 2,000   !!
steel bangle dangling badger charms interspersed with blood red bells 2,000   !!
On the multi-pronged rack
Item Price Done
thick belt adorned with etched bronze plates 2,000   !!
scaled poloh'izh hide belt 2,430   
leather belt dangling blackened silver crow feather charms 1,800   !!
intricately braided rose silk cord belt 4,650   
colorful beaded belt 1,475   
white silk belt with a simple seed-pearl clasp 1,400   !!
black silk belt with a faceted onyx clasp 1,400   
In the crate
Item Price Done
braided weapon strap 2,000   !!
weapon strap embossed with repeating afis symbols 3,300   
midnight blue weapon strap embossed with repeating varna symbols 3,300   
verdant green weapon strap embossed with repeating turinstil symbols 3,300   
In the lemonwood dresser
Item Price Done
dark brocade sash 11,250   !!
floral brocade sash 11,250   
black watered silk rantija 5,300   !!
white watered silk rantija 5,300   !!
In the cedar chest
Item Price Done
layered silk skirt painted with a kaleidoscope of butterflies 5,000   !!