Onyx-hide leather

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Onyx-hide leather at a Glance
Material Type Leather
Colors Black
Rarity Rare
Cultural Relevance None
Required for Alterations Yes

Onyx-hide leather is found in several shades of black and is a tough, thick material.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Crafting Properties

This is a leather that can be used in crafting.

Universal Properties

Workability Density Value*
40 3.8 203
203 Kronars
162.4 Lirums
146.485 Dokoras
0.203 LTBpoints
0.203 Tickets

*Single volume value in Kronars.

Physical Properties

Durability Electrical Thermal Physical
60 65 55 92

Magical Properties


Raw Material Sources

Darkbox 410 prizes, Darkbox 414 prizes, Darkbox 421 prizes, Random Crafting Material Rewards


ItemSource isRarity is
Ball painted with shimmering scalesHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizes
Braided onyx-hide cord beaded with faceted stormheart topazesTildi's Flowers (7)
Cobalt zenganne talisman pouch suspended on a stormheart topaz-beaded strap
Compact textbook bound with a coverHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizes
Dark dragonwood beer barrel with onyx-hide strapsSimuCon
Darkstone marine stiletto with an onyx-hide leather-wrapped hiltSalvage Finds of the Reshal Sea
Distressed onyx-hide alchemist's toolbelt with animite fastenersTies for Things (5)Ties for Things (6)
Firestained agonite bola with braided onyx-hide tiesHouse of the Revenant Fang 437/Shadowy Safehouse
Fortune teller's toolbelt of onyx-hide spangled with nightfire opalsTies for Things (5)Ties for Things (6)
Glossy onyx-hide leather bootsNatural Beauty (1)
... further results

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