Tildi's Flowers (7)

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Tildi's Flowers, Tropical Topiary
Event Taisidon Safari 420
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tildi's Flowers, Tropical Topiary]
Sturdy jambu trunks are used as the structure of this small space, their surfaces sanded and polished to a soft shine. Panes of crystal-like glass fill out the area in between the shafts of wood. A single live tree sits in a huge blue glass pot in the middle of the hut, juicy jambu fruit hanging temptingly from its branches. Its form follows the curving outline of the building and its large leaves almost hide the twin woven baskets that hang from its limbs.
Obvious exits: out.

In the yellow daisy basket
Item Price Done
stylish traveler's valise covered in vibrantly patterned camlet - Contains a rainbow bee-eater flaunting fiercely shaded plumage, a leaf-shaped Taisidon emerald, a spiraled purple gold toe-ring, a length of floral print fabric, a length of floral print fabric and a fragrant three-strand lei composed of lovely pink and yellow plumeria flowers 540,000   
rugged safari pack clasped with a piece of drake's heart amber - Contains a braided black hemp necklace strung with bleached white cowrie shells, a salt-stained machete with a cord-wrapped baobab hilt, some thick cork-soled sandals with plaited rope thongs, a pair of sandy brown canvas pants cut off at the knee, a short-sleeved tropical print shirt with abalone buttons and a woven straw safari hat with a faded leather chin strap 570,000   
spherical poke fashioned from a hollowed out coconut shell - Contains a pair of darkly tinted sunglasses with large wire-framed lenses, a little ring-tailed shh'oi paguur clutching a silvery-white lotusweave pouch, an acenite spork with a trio of chocolate opals set atop its gently rounded handle, a prickly pineapple cup garnished with a bright red-orange hibiscus flower and a furry chocolate brown bedroll lined in marshmallow white flannel 380,000   
rounded gathering basket woven from island palm fronds - Contains some delicate phofe flower petals shaded in deep purple hues, a night-black ceramic jar dotted with tiny gold fireflies, a stout palmwood box painted with an intricate design in blue-black ink, some glittering blue gold dust and a luminous swarm of Elven gold and lava topaz fireflies 630,000   
In the red rose basket
Item Price Done
fashionable gold-on-white sun hat adorned with a bevy of vivid watermist roses 120,000   
turquoise bast headscarf patterned with brightly colored hibiscus flowers 60,000   
woven windsteel crown of jambu branches replete with sparkling heliodor blossoms 350,000   
inky purple lipka cotton aldam lorma coated in lustrous silver dust 100,000   
marbled blue gold hair-clasp spiraled around an incandescent inferno's heart 420,000   
trio of stylized purple gold butterflies displaying intricately patterned wings 560,000   
sleek tortoiseshell haircombs tipped with spiky frills of forest fire jasper 160,000   
jewel-tipped moabi hairstick surmounted with a stunning rainbow rose 180,000   
In the violet basket
Item Price Done
coral-pink watersilk scarf fringed with dozens of iridescent Taisidonian pearls 200,000   
beaded strands of intricately carved Imperial coral 200,000   
length of dappled diamond-hide leather pierced with a spear of drake's heart amber 350,000   
slim hair ribbon patterned with a brightly colored tropical print 50,000   
carmine-red and yellow lisianthus flowers strung upon a fancy vardite chain 100,000   
spiraling wire of Elven gold topped with a fragile glass-captured ghost orchid 250,000   
knotted rope suspending a silversteel anchor covered in moonstained wildflowers 400,000   
braided onyx-hide cord beaded with faceted stormheart topazes 1,500,000   
In the sky blue basket
Item Price Done
profusion of Elven gold jambu flowers interspersed with vibrant glass beads 250,000   
bevy of heaven's bells blossoms carved from rutilated quartz 50,000   
moonstained wildflowers sprinkled with dazzling nightfire opals 450,000   
strand of carmine-red lisianthus flowers set with brilliant inferno's hearts 150,000   
cascade of Eluned's glory blossoms dangling from delicate icesteel chains 450,000   
length of woven seagrass twined with ocean-hued selmor roses 50,000   
Taisidon sunset garnet beads paired with ruffled chiffon hibiscus blooms 140,000   
narrow raw silk ribbons strewn with tiny heliodor sandlilies 80,000   
In the grass green basket
Item Price Done
slender hairstick topped with an etlingera flower carved from Imperial coral 450,000   
glass aldam lorma with teardrop-shaped petals tinted the color of twilight 150,000   
velvet king protea flower shaded in subtle pastel hues 100,000   
solitary rainbow rose crafted from moonspun silk 450,000   
cluster of faceted purple gold phofe flowers 250,000   
dainty pair of seastar tourmaline tidal lily combs 50,000   !!
Beacon-of-Hope orchid fashioned from deep magenta-hued dergatine 670,000   
stunning bird-of-paradise flower displaying brilliant forest fire jasper petals 100,000