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Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Noce Family


Piney Fleur, a Gnome.
He has a round face, beady milky blue eyes and a freckled nose. He has thinning ginger hair, with pale skin and a scrawny build.
He is tiny for a Gnome.
He is an adult.
He has an elegantly trimmed mustache on his upper lip


He is wearing an ovular monocle framed in silversteel, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a dark grey cashmere split-tailed jacket with a silver lining and onyx turtle-shell buttons, a decorative silversteel pocket-chain suspending a plumed agate fob, an ostentatious bowtie of electrum spun glitter, a stylish silver satin vest with emerald embroidery along the seams and golden turtle-shell buttons, a pair of jewel-encrusted grey suspenders with gold clasps, an elegant white silk shirt, a pair of platinum cufflinks, a gem-encrusted gold aristocrat's signet ring, a filigreed platinum gentleman's ring set with a regal black diamond, a platinum and absinthe emerald turtle ring, a gilded turtle shell merchant's case adorned with orichalcum clasps, a dark-scale dress belt, a pair of grey and silver silk paneled breeches gathered at the knee, some black farandine socks and some dark-scale shoes.