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Status Active
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime
Relatives Court of Nytfrost

Oogie2.pngFrost Prince Oogamooga Moogaooga, Inspirer of Elanthia, a Gor'Tog.
He has a square-jawed face with laugh lines and silver-flecked sapphire eyes. You have ebon skin and a well-defined build.
He is neck-breakingly tall for a Gor'Tog.
His left eyebrow is pierced by an icesteel spike topped with a delicate cluster of frost opal baby's breath. The transparent frost-blue metal complements the lustrous glacial white gems that shimmer with tiny bursts of icy blue and green.

He is wearing a regal icesteel crown showcasing an iceberg-shaped glacier emerald, a wrought icesteel lavaliere clasping a frosty blue rivertear droplet, a blue-scaled basilisk with firestained uthamar and ice sapphire eyes, a silk tabard bleu-celeste with seven stars argent, a pair of arching niniam-framed wings ornamented with icesteel, a crystal snowflake charm, an ice-veined leather scavenger's backpack with rippled windsteel snaffles, a tailored pewter winterweave vest layered over a frost opal icesilk shirt, a coiled black taipan covered in imbricated agonite scales, an ice-veined leather kilt fastened with an icesteel pin, a sleek ice-veined leather thigh quiver wrapped in silversteel mesh and some stylish dusky blue winter boots cuffed with ermine fur.


a regal icesteel crown showcasing an iceberg-shaped glacier emerald Translucent metal cradles the delicate emerald at the center point of the headpiece, allowing its pale green hue to shine. When worn, delicate frost-blue chains cascade down the sides of the face and head. Flecks of frost, winter, and snow opals glint in the waterfall of icesteel, each jewel frozen in place as if winter's frost claimed them the moment they landed.

Title: Frost Prince

Journey to Frost Prince

Court of Nytfrost's Prince in Training