Guildfest 398

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Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory
C lavish flamewood caravan Snarflepie's Traveling Workshop Alterer workshop
C unimposing brown tent War and Craft Warrior Mage-only store
D Fairegrounds Clearing auction site Saturday, May 22, at 9 p.m. EDT
E opulent velvet tent trimmed with golden tassels Goods for Life Empath-related items, brawling gear
E umber tent draped with mammoth hides Sound the Hunt Barbarian-only store
F ticket gate with a sign on it Faeries' Wheel Ride
G glowing portal surrounded with aethereal wisps Mystical Machinations Spellbooks
G brick shop with a large caravan painted on a wooden sign Primp My Ride Caravans
H vivid silvery tent The Bardic Journey Bard-related items
H multicolored wagon carved with elemental symbols It's Elemental Warrior Mage-only store
H massive oak caravan with a green-and-white striped awning Natural Magic Empath-only store
I huge wagon Gemfire Mountains Leathercrafters Sheaths
I arch within canvas pavilion Moon Mage Pavilion Moon-Mage sect items
I tattered tent within canvas pavilion The Web of Fate Sigilbooks
J Ring Toss Ring Toss Game
K deep grey tent branded with a flying goshawk The Dark Knight Dark Paladin-themed items
K pine wagon with rough plank sides Farmer in the Dell Utility knives, hats
L rough wooden wagon covered in hides The Great Outdoors Ranger-only store
L polished leather tent with russet silk pennants Nahja's Knickknacks Jewelry, masks, Ranger-only curtain
M Three Frog Monte Three Frog Monte Game
N gold and purple striped tent Crested Attire Guild-themed clothing
N well-oiled hide tent The Wandering Woodsman Ranger-related items
O crowned alpaca-felt yurt painted with pizazzy tridecagons Akaterina's Cassocks Clerical robes
O mahogany-colored tapestry tent Altared Visions Cleric-related items
O orange tent with purple stripes Bunglefoot's Tent Cambrinth, clothing, furniture, leather armor, and jewelry
O ramshackle booth set away from the main path Sister Seendra's Salvation Station Cleric-related items
P beige canvas tent Empath Emporium Empath-related items
P bright yellow tent Pretty as a Yak Clothing, jewelry (wearable by players but designed for animals)
1 bright red tent Gerkin's Apple Show Apple bobbing and apple-based foods
2 a cleared field amusement catapult Game
dark-eyed gypsy lass (roving) A Dark-eyed Gypsy Lass Jewelry, clothing
gnarled Dwarf peddler (roving) A Gnarled Dwarf Peddler Paladin soulstone amulets
whittler Roakin (roving) The Whittler Roakin Carvings

The listings for the auctions can be found at Guildfest 398 Auction

Not Located on the Festival Grounds

Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory
a plain wooden door The Knife's Edge Necromancer-only, worn skinning knives
hulking makeshift structure of tethered canvas King Fade's Back Alley Bazaar Fade weapons