Museum of Imperial History Secrets

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.


Only members of the Thief Guild with the Passages ability may enter the museum at night to commit burglary. The Thief passage leads to the roof of the museum where three skylights are located. The skylights may be entered by using a rope. The northernmost and southernmost skylights lead to the top floor of the museum while the center skylight leads to the ground floor.


Once inside the Thief must avoid two guards, one on each floor. The guards move in a predictable pattern and as long as the Thief stays hidden and silent the guards will not notice. However, the guards' perception is good so Thieves with under 100 ranks in Stalking skill should avoid sneaking into and out of rooms with guards present. The guards will search the room periodically and arrest anyone who is not in hiding when they do their search. If anyone speaks in the museum the guards will take a step forward along their predetermined path.

The second floor guard always walks in a counter clockwise manner. The first floor guard walks in the following pattern, starting from the center room. West, Southeast, North, North, Southeast, West.


The cases and the donation box are each trapped with magical wards. In order to disarm the case the Thief must have Seer's Sense cast, must be under the influence of a similar Lunar Aura Device, or must be particularly skilled in Disarm Traps skill (250 ranks as a start) to bypass the traps. Once disarmed the case must also be picked. Though the cases vary in difficulty, a good estimate is that it takes approximately 200 ranks in Locksmithing skill (with Seer's Sense or LAD) to open most museum cases.


The stealing system in the museum is different than all other stealing in DragonRealms.

  • In the museum if one catastrophically fails a stealing attempt they are not automatically charged with a crime. Instead they are simply pulled out of hiding for a period of time, at which point if a guard enters the Thief will be arrested (but remember the guards are on a predictable pattern, so arrest can easily be avoided by proper planning).
  • Another significant difference is that in the museum Stealing skill behaves more like mana pool or fatigue pool. The larger the pool, the more you can steal. Each time an item is stolen the pool is reduced by an amount equal to the difficulty of the item stolen. The pool gradually refills over time. If the pool is completely depleted it will take approximately 1 hour to refill completely.
  • Use of Mark in any room will give you detailed information on items contained within cases.


If arrested, the Thief is taken aboard a prison barge back to Riverhaven to be placed in jail. However, sometimes the prison barge is raided by men loyal to Fade. The Thief is dragged before Fade within the Throne City colosseum and severely beaten before being released. Fade is not pleased by the attention you've drawn from your criminal behavior. The dangerous part is that Alley Thugs lurk throughout the colosseum and can fire crossbows instantly from missile range.