Moon Mage Guildhall

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There are multiple Guildhalls dedicated to the Moon Mage Guild:

The Crossing
In a massive observatory outside the city proper, Celestian Kssarh T'Kinnirii teaches new students with a passion that most would dub abusive. (You can type DIR MOON MAGE for directions.)
Housed inside the tremendous shell of some unknown sea beast, the Moon Mage Guildhall on Taisgath is overseen by Fateweaver Lomtaun Nedorath of the Gypsies.
Tezirite Mortom Saist, respected Guildleader and politician, welcomes all Moon Mages to the Guildhall in the Great Tower of Shard... despite his quirks.
Guildleader Gylwyn, after a meteoric rise and equally dramatic stint with exile, has returned to the graces of the Moon Mage Guild and teaches Theren students in her spire Guildhall north of Riverhaven.
Guildleader Cherulisa D'Shari'sendal, resides in The Spire Guildhall on the Trabe Plateau.

Lesser Fist (south of Riverhaven) (Now closed due to the volcano erupting & Tiv becoming disabled)
Within a remarkable Guildhall inside a volcano believed to be dormant, Guildleader Tiv trained students in the ways of the Monks of the Crystal Hand. With the eruption of the Lesser Fist of Heaven, the Crystal Hand Fortress housing the guildhall was subsequently destroyed.