Milgrym's Weapons

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Milgrym's Weapons
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Milgrym
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars


  • SHOP: Shows inventory surfaces that hold items for sale.
The following items contain goods for sale:
a pine table labeled "Small & Large Edged & Blunt Weapons"
a pine counter labeled "Ranged Weapons and Ammunition"
a pine bench labeled "Accessories and Brawling Gear"
a pine bin labeled "Miscellaneous"
a pine rack labeled "Two-Handed Weapons"
a pine basket
  • SHOP <SURFACE>: To see what items are for sale on each item/surface.
  • LOOK ON OR IN <SURFACE>: Alternate command to see inventory for sale.
  • BUY <ITEM>: Purchases the item for the price listed.

[Milgrym's Weapons, Showroom]
This is a plain and businesslike shop carrying a wide variety of weapons. A fair assortment of the wide range of methods to cut, bash, crush, eviscerate and otherwise discomfit your enemies can be had here. Traders with exotic or unusual weapons are welcome to come in and dicker as Milgrym has an eye for bargains and an appreciation of good weapons.
You also see a pine rack labeled Two-Handed Weapons with several things on it, a pine bin labeled Miscellaneous, a pine bench labeled Accessories and Brawling Gear with a few things on it, a pine counter labeled Ranged Weapons and Ammunition with several things on it and a pine table labeled Small & Larged Edged & Blunt Weapons with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Behind the pine basket
Item Price Done
simple leather sling - sling 43   
small rocks - sling ammo (x10) 12   
On the pine rack labeled "Two-Handed Weapons"
Item Price Done
iron-studded footman's flail - twohanded blunt (65 stones) 500   
long-bladed cinquedea - heavy edged (40 stones) 662   
oak-hafted halberd - halberd (60 stones) 562   
pine-handled sledgehammer - heavy blunt (50 stones) 625   
double-bit greataxe - twohanded edged (60 stones) 675   
etched greathammer - heavy blunt (50 stones) 681   
scrimshaw-handled claymore - twohanded edged (70 stones) 675   

In the pine bin labeled "Miscellaneous"
Item Price Done
stalwart ironwood quarterstaff - quarter staff (50 stones) 112   
steel-banded deobar cane - quarter staff (40 stones) 562   
ash-handled pike - pike (75 stones) 637   
On the pine bench labeled "Accessories and Brawling Gear"
Item Price Done
polished steel parry stick 1,250   
silver-chased elbow spikes 575   
brass knuckles 575   
On the pine counter labeled "Ranged Weapons and Ammunition"
Item Price Done
crossbow bolts - x15 112   
lever-drawn light crossbow - light crossbow 650   
leather-gripped yew longbow - long bow 562   
leather-gripped yew shortbow - short bow 162   
boar-tusk arrows - bow ammo (x5) 62   
cougar-claw arrows - bow ammo (x5) 75   
narrow-headed spear - heavy thrown/pike (50 stones) 250   
triple-weighted bola - light thrown/light blunt (25 stones) 250   
On the pine table labeled "Small & Larged Edged & Blunt Weapons"
Item Price Done
recurved cavalry sabre - medium edged (30 stones) 562   
watered steel scimitar - medium edged (30 stones) 562   
basket-hilt cutlass - medium edged (35 stones) 575   
stout broadsword - heavy edged (35 stones) 650   
lead-weighted elkhorn bludgeon - light blunt (25 stones) 562   
sturdy oaken club - light blunt (30 stones) 112   
ironwood-hafted war hammer - medium blunt (40 stones) 375   
heavy flanged mace - medium blunt (40 stones) 206   
short-handled kris - light edged (20 stones) 250   
wide-bladed dagger - light edged (10 stones) 200   
refurbished short sword - light edged (15 stones) 337