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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Paladin
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Type: guild leader
Associates: Syal
Medern was the last of the original seven Paladin Councilmembers. Though he was the last to join the group, he was the first guildleader in Paladin history. He headed up the Theren guildhall during its original construction until his untimely demise.

Medern was a follower of Syal before he was even called upon the gods. He followed Syal and his group, learning of Syal's teachings until he was then called by the gods to serve as a paladin. It is believed that Medern was Syal's first squire. Medern lived to an old age but was brutally murdered in 64 AV. In that same year, relics and other artifacts went missing from the council vaults and libraries. In 79 AV, investigations of the theft led the council to believe Councilor Kraphae, a second-generation councilor, was the thief which resulted in his impeachment, the first of a councilor. The half completed Theren guildhall burned to the ground later in the year. While Councilor Medern's killer was never officially discovered, the council believes that Medern found out about Kraphae's theft which brought about his death. Kraphae then burned down the guildhall in venegance for his removal.