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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Paladin
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kraphae was a second generation Paladin councilor who was held in extremely high esteem. However, his ambition led him to steal artifacts from the council vaults and was subsequently the first councilor to be impeached.

How he managed to dupe his way into the council or even remain a paladin is a mystery. As a councilor, Kraphae attempted to make changes to how things were run and somehow gained a dictator attitude even though all councilors are equal. In addition, he passed off other people's ideas as if they were his own, such as the Paladin Code. He was shady and ambitious, which led to him stealing artifacts and relics from the council archives in 64 AV. Fifteen years later, in 79 AV, ex-councilor Kraphae was found guilty of council artifact thievery and was impeached. His motives are unknown, but one journal from a councilor of the time made comments that Kraphae was maniacally insane after he joined the ranks of the council. Official comments about Kraphae's removal simply indicate his treachery and lack of paladin virtues.

He was also implicated in Medern's murder and the destruction of the first guildhall, but there was not a single shred of evidence linking Kraphae with either. The council believes that Medern found out about Kraphae, who murdered Medern to silence him. Kraphae later burned down the guildhall after his removal. It is likely that the mysteries of the murder and arson will never be solved.