Marachek's Feasterie

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Marachek's Feasterie
Province Ilithi
Town Fayrin's Rest
Map Ranik's Map 64
Owner Marachek
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Marachek's Oak, Main Hall]
Everything in this spacious reception area has been whittled or sculpted from the giant oak, all save the glowing eggs and Marachek himself. The latter sits on a high stool behind a counter opposite the stairwell and a longcase clock, beaming brightly, always willing to meet new arrivals or ask departing visitors to return as soon as possible. They usually do, drawn off the road outside to Marachek's Oak by its reputation for hospitality. You also see a silverwillow bar with several things on it, a blue door and a small archway.

On the silverwillow bar
Item Price Done
flask of Katamba Black Whiskey 0   
tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
pitcher of blue Island Tease decorated with paper umbrellas 0   
magnum of sparkling champagne 0   
frosty crystal pitcher filled with kiwi-strawberry lemonade 0   
steaming carafe of rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream 0   
tankard of Gor'Tog bloodgrog 0   
cask of Calibanor strawberry wine 0   
crystal punch bowl filled with spiked lemon iced tea 0   
iron-banded cask of Rakash Golden ale 0   
flaming rum haze served in a coconut shell 0   
barrel of Chadatru's Justice 0   
barrel of iceberry mead 0   
silver urn of strong black coffee 0   
pitcher of Aesry Island Tease decorated with paper umbrellas 0   
bowl of hard pretzels 0   
barrel of frothy root beer 0   

[Marachek's Oak, Feasterie]
The walls of this large, round eatery bulge like the sides of a filled barrel. Tables and chairs radiate outwards like spokes on a wheel from a cylindrical buffet in the center of the room, heaped with good food and serviced from within by several plump, beaming Halflings. Aside from a secluded booth to one side all is festive excitement, set to the tune of clattering kitchen utensils echoing up from below. You also see a menu, a waitress, and a blue door.

Item Price Done
1 - Spiced Berry Cider 19   !!
2 - Hot Cocoa 17   DG
3 - Grape Souvaine 37   
4 - Boobrie Pickle Juice 21   
5 - Heated Wheat Beer 30   
Main Meals
Item Price Done
6 - Pickled Boar's Foot 22   !!
7 - Leg of Leviathan 39   !!
8 - Acorn Salad 20   
9 - Mammoth Ribs 36   !!
10 - Ground Yak Stew 21   
11 - Braised Roc Eggs 25   
12 - Troll Casserole 32   !!
13 - Roast Oxen de Marachek 38   !!
14 - Haunch of Bear 29   
Item Price Done
15 - Essence of Chocolate 25   
16 - Seventeen Layer Cake 35   !!
17 - Strawberry Cream MegaPie 25   !!