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Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Thief
Instance Prime

Thief extraordinaire, Gybrush roams the mainland from the northern walks of Muspari to the southernmost end of Shard as he liberates treasures from the evil shopkeepers, frees rare metals from the clutches of the wicked stone and earth which trap them in the mines, and with the help of his trusty silversteel lumberjacking axe battles the ever present vile trees which he chops into itty bitty pieces then gives to the wood crafters to make weapons and furniture from for fun. If you have wooden walls or floors in your home they were likely crafted from the old S'kras victims. While generally pleasant, Gybrush is a capricious soul who can be as quick to protect the innocent townsfolk from invading forces or defend the weak against grave robbers as he is to lift a purse or slide a blade into the back of those he deems unpleasant on a whim. Though reclusive and preferring to keep to himself, Gybrush is a skilled locksmith and assassin and has been known to occasionally stop at the pond in the Crossings to offer his services or barter treasures which he has acquired in his travels, as well as play legendary pranks from time to time such as teaming up with a Moon Mage to open a moongate and shift it around Riverhaven while the sly old lizard stealthily followed it and threw his voice from the shadows causing the moongate to appear to be demanding sacrifices and gifts of devotion to Xibar as it chased people around the city. He has an affinity for tarts and Halflings. He will gladly accept snout thumps and tail rubs as well.

Gybrush waves his hand in front of a Crossing guards face with a deliberate gesture.
Gybrush quietly says, "I am not the pirate you're looking for."
A Crossing guard says, "You are not the pirate we are looking for."
Gybrush quietly says, "I can go about my business."
A Crossing guard says, "You can go about your business."
Gybrush quietly says, "Move along."
A Crossing guard says, "Move along."
>Gybrush skips west.

A Crossing guard rubs his head, seemingly confused.


You see Criminal Mastermind Gybrush La'Realm, Overlord of The Locksmith Union, a S'Kra Mur.
He has a sharp-featured face, silver-flecked slitted dark eyes and an elegant snout, black scales, a long tail and an athletic build.
He is very tall for a S'Kra Mur.
A circle of obsidian is positioned between his eyes, surrounded by an aura of shadow rippling against his scales.
He appears to be elderly.
He is wearing a trio of delicate golden hoops that pierce the helix of his right ear. A tiny golden link hangs down from the uppermost hoop, allowing a tulip-shaped charm to sway freely.
He has a tattoo of a bare-chested pirate with a girl under one arm and a keg in the other on his arm.

He is wearing a gold foil-covered chocolate crown stamped with the word "KING", a square icesteel monocle edged with sapphire chips, a braided silver necklace dangling a driftwood shark, a fully rigged pirate ship etched into a tortoise shell amulet, a one-eyed icesteel parrot charm with a diminutive bloodwood pegleg, a scrawny one-eyed parrot, a stately Ilithic rat, a snake charm, a salt-stained sailor's duffel bag clasped with a miniature iron anchor, a massive animite-banded bloodwood treasure chest set with a dull midnight black durgauldite, a sleeveless black silk tunic belted with a deep purple sash, a black shadowsilk cloak, a silver bracelet, a shimmering midnight black booty bag of gossamer with a gnarled witchclaw clasp, a skull and crossbone ring, a gold band with a violet stone, an animite lockpick ring, a gleaming animite key, a rusty iron manacle, an ebony pegleg carved with images of dancing skeletons and a pair of black leather pelican-winged boots.