Langenfirth Temple

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The Langenfirth Temple is found in Langenfirth in Therengia. It is located in the courtyard found 2 rooms west from the Meeting Portals.

[Temple, Courtyard]
A pleasant garden with several stone benches fills the area between the street and the temple. Wildflowers and berry bushes have been cultivated in narrow plots about the courtyard. The occasional chirp or song of a bird is all that breaks the silence.
You also see the Temple Entrance.
Obvious paths: out.

[Temple, Main Altar]
The temple is the only stone building in Langenfirth, built so long ago that history fails to say when or by whom. It is believed, at least by the locals, that it was here long before the town. The strange design and construction give weight to those beliefs. The center of the room is taken up by a huge circular altar. Through a wide arch is a quiet courtyard garden. The stone of the walls appears roughly cut, but the blocks are extremely uniform.
Obvious exits: none.

A huge boulder was roughly chisled into a perfect circle to form the altar. A gleaming chalice sits next to a tallow candle on the stone surface.