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Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Hibarnhvidar
Map Ranik's Map 116b
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Barbarian shops
Restrictions Barbarian
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Elding Gwilt, Kvaren's]
There is little space to move about in this cramped shop. The bronze door opens inward, guiding customers straight to a display counter, while not making maneuvering any easier. To the left of the the counter, a number of axes have been placed on display on a rack. Adding to the clutter of the establishment, a small shelf hangs above a stout table, each showing off their own wares.
Obvious exits: none.

See Warpaint for information about using.

On the display counter
Item Price Done
small iron axe bearded with bright steel 13530   !!
oak-hafted hurling axe with a wide steel blade inlaid with gold tracings 54120   !!
slender steel throwing axe with a white leather-wrapped haft 27060   !!!!
heavy bronze hurling axe with a river boa-shaped haft 45100   !!!!
short-hafted hand axe with a dragon-engraved blade 36080   !!!!
small axe with faint engravings along its length 13530   !!!!
light bronze throwing axe with a grass eel-shaped haft 22550   
On the axe rack
Item Price Done
dark ironwood-hafted axe with a cruelly serrated head 112750   !!!!
hand axe with an iron-banded handle 36080   !!
smoke grey lochaber axe with a mottled steel head 144320   !!!!
flint-bladed axe with a lengthened handle 112750   !!
elm-handled battle axe topped by a grinning steel wolfshead 45100   !!!!
black iron axe with a maple handle wrapped in thin leather cording 112750   !!!!
twohanded war axe with a skull-shaped pommel 54120   !!!!
crescent-bladed war axe engraved with a flame pattern 54120   !!!!
goldenoak-hafted battle axe with a shining silvered blade 45100   !!!!
sleek lochaber axe with a razored edge. 135300   !!!!
On the small shelf
Item Price Done
dented flask 902   No
leather flask 902   No
hammered brass flask 902   No
engraved flask 902   No
wooden flask 902   No
        !    These paints come from Osgeth.  You get what he gives us, no requests.  More expensive is better.  No Refunds.  !
On the stout table
Item Price Done
bronze paintstick 3000   !!
cobalt blue paintstick 12000   !!
leaf-green paintstick 3000   No
blood-red paintstick 7000   !!
purple paintstick 1000   No
gold paintstick 12000   DG
maroon paintstick 1000   No
black paintstick 7000   DG