Great Tower

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The central tower and administrative building in Shard. It is the seat of power for the Ferdahl. In addition to being a residence for the Ferdahl, the Tower also houses the following offices for the Ilithi province:

  • Jail & Wanted Board - Ground Floor, through the corridor
  • Debt Office - Ground Floor, through the passage
  • Citizenship Office - Ground Floor, through the entrance
  • Public Meeting Room - Ground Floor, through the door
  • Formal Meeting Room - 3rd Floor, through the door, then arch, then door
  • Great Tower Library - Basement
  • Moon Mage Guild, Moon Mage Library, Intelligence trainer & the Grazhir Marendin - Top Floor

[The Great Tower, Antechamber]
Large cushions of plush, deep purple pile in the corners of this small room, ready to provide seating should the wait for admittance to the Ferdahl's inner chambers be a long one. Twin gaethzen orbs frame both entrances, the pale, steady light lending a feeling of warmth to the red-violet walls that enclose the chamber. A small indigo rug sits to the side of the door, hosting an array of soft slippers.
You also see a small plaque, a door leading back to the stairwell and a curtained arch.
Obvious exits: none

note: This area is not always available, it is on the 3rd floor as part of the Formal Meeting Room & Ferdahl's Residence.

indigo rug
Item Price Done
soft leather-soled slippers 0   

[The Great Tower, Hall of Feasts]
High, curving walls arch upward in the muted light, meeting to form the domed ceiling of this great chamber. At the apex stretches a chandelier so skillfully spun from gaethzen and glass that it resembles a spider's web, dew-coated and cradling the stars. Thin marble pillars, also studded with gaethzen, form a wide circle, and between them rest long tables rimmed by benches. You also see a long ebonwood table with several things on it and a silver arch.
Obvious exits: north, south.

note: This area is not always available, it is on the 3rd floor as part of the Formal Meeting Room & Ferdahl's Residence.

On the long ebonwood table
Item Price Done
a bamboo tray of lobster and radish sainyuso rolls drizzled with creamy coconut lime dressing 0   
some steamed garlic cloves arranged decoratively on a platter 0   
a bamboo tray of crisp sainyuso rolls stuffed with baby corn and shrimp 0   
a shallow bowl of fresh pickled cucumber slices and mint leaves 0   
a platter of roast snowbeast stuffed with spiced oranges 0   
a glass-domed roast pheasant 0   
a platter of juicy pan-seared salmon arranged on a bed of seaweed 0   
a dish of cold vinegar noodles sprinkled with chopped scallions 0   
some pearl onion and wild mushroom salad drizzled with a spicy red dressing 0   
a wide terrine of delicately scented lotus seed soup 0   
a platter filled with soft dumplings stuffed with chopped root vegetables and walnuts 0   
a large bowl of steamed crab claws in a fragrant ginger butter 0   
a bamboo tray of ginger and crab sainyuso rolls garnished with shredded carrots 0   
a bamboo tray of snowbeast and oyster sainyuso rolls 0   
a bamboo tray of golden sainyuso rolls stuffed with mushrooms and leeks 0   
a bamboo tray of spicy raw tuna sainyuso rolls 0   

[The Great Tower, Narrow Hall]
A miniature potted cherry tree flourishes here despite the lack of natural light, coating the walnut floor surrounding it with a snowfall of delicate pink blossoms. Across from it opens an ash archway, its surface carved with a flowered vine motif to match the standing lamps that curve out of sight with the rest of the hall.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

note: This area is not always available, it is on the 3rd floor as part of the Formal Meeting Room & Ferdahl's Residence.