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Knitting needles derive their potency from the material's hardness and weight (harder is better, lower is better).

  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
store bought - 12 2 - very delicate 2 - tremendously ineffective - -
smooth <metal> knitting needles 4 - simple 4 x density
tapered <metal> knitting needles 6 - somewhat challenging 4 x density 3 - quite fragile 6 - sort of effective
squat <metal> knitting needles 8 - complicated 4 x density
polished <metal> knitting needles 9 - intricate 4 x density 4 - rather flimsy 9 - exceptionally effective
  • Low carbon steel for Durability Cap
  • High carbon steel for Speed Cap


Iron knitting needlesfalsetremendously ineffective2very delicate2well7
Crystal knitting needles cut to resemble iciclestruenot very effective5rather reinforced11masterfully12
Ebonwood knitting needlestruenot very effective5rather reinforced11masterfully12
Fine ivory knitting needles topped with chocolate opalstruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
Fine muracite knitting needles capped with blue sapphire dolphinstrueexceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6masterfully12
Fine steel knitting needles topped with tiny blue mistglass orbstruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
Gloomwood knitting needlestruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
Holly wood knitting needlestruenot very effective5rather reinforced11masterfully12
Ivory knitting needlestruenot very effective5rather reinforced11masterfully12
Ruby knitting needles lightly etched with a flame design along the shafttruerather effective7marginally vulnerable8masterfully12
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