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Khiol Norawts'Dziri
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Necromancer
Instance Prime


You see Arcane Researcher Khiol Norawts'Dziri, a Rakash.

He has an oval face, almond-shaped violet eyes and a classical nose. His black hair is short and fine, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and a lean build. He is slightly under average height for a Rakash. He is a cub-herder. He has an elegantly-trimmed mustache on your upper lip and a long thin elegantly-trimmed goatee.

He is wearing a simple wooden medallion, an ashen fur longcoat embroidered with dusk-hued swirls along the collar, a witch ball, a pair of platinum cufflinks, a warcat suede fighting shirt with dark leather ties, a fur-hilted seordstone ritual knife inset with smirched soulstone, a stark white and black feathered fetish wristlet, a heavy white gold wedding band inset with an oval blood-red ruby, some warcat leather pants trimmed with bleached bone carvings, and some fur-lined black leather combat boots.


  • His interests are the study of the history of magic, discovery of new magic, and preservation of old magic.
  • Has more than a passing interest in the empathic transferance link and its possibilities.
  • Prefers to operate outside of the cities, though social at times close proximity to the masses makes him nervous.
  • Has serious distaste for other Rakash, with a few exceptions.
  • Apprentice to Zerreck Arkarm.
  • Is married to the Moonprincess Arsenyka.
  • Views the current infrastructure of Elanthia's provinces as tyrannical oppressors.

Notes on the Past

  • Vharskel(Father and Alpha of Dzirta del Ena Reness) walks the starry road after the raid that also removed Kalag the Black from thieves guildhall in the Crossings.
  • Both Khiol and Azmina taken in and raised by an old human who barely got by in a small shack in the Middens.
  • 392, Azmina runs off to Ilithi to persue a career in magical enchantment, leaving Khiol to fend for himself.
  • 393, the old man is killed by the Sewer Rat Gang in thier series of attacks on the Crossings. Once again Khiol is alone.
  • 400, Word of Azmina's expected demise while attempting some form of Teleological experiment. No body was recovered.
  • One of two surviving members of Dzirta del Ena Reness
  • Sister is the Rakash sorceress Azmina.