Joirin's Puzzles

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Joirin's Puzzles
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Aesry Surlaenis'a
Map Ranik's Map 99
Owner Joirin
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Toy shops, Juggling shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Joirin's Puzzles]
Colorful baskets painted in every shade of the rainbow hang from the rafters, holding wood and other supplies for the puzzle maker. The wicker and rattan containers provide a sharp contrast to the stark white paper walls of the shop itself. A gilt-edged black leather catalog rests atop a fringed red silk shawl which has been draped over the counter. You also see Joirin and a wooden door leading to the shop's back room.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Puzzles
Item Price Done
interlocking puzzle ring 2,000   
Basic Tile Puzzle - (3x3) 200   
easy tile puzzle - (4x3) 300   
Intermediate Tile Puzzle - (5x4) 400   !!
Challenging Tile Puzzle - (5x6) 500   
fiendish tile puzzle - (5x8) 750   !!
Page 2 - Magic Tricks and Illusions
Item Price Done
Magic Box 2,100   
black silk hat 4,350   !!
Ebonwood Wand 550   !!
Stuffed Bunny 400   
Page 3 - Recreational Games
Item Price Done
crude pine dice 200   
ebonwood dice 500   
Page 4 - Juggling Supplies
Item Price Done
Juggler's Beanbags 100   
Stuffed Hamsters 250   
satin clowns 300   
wooden oranges 400   
carved oak rings 500   
Wooden Hand-axes 600   
juggling pins 750   !!