Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet (3)

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Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet
Event Festival of the Boar 419
Owner Jakuv
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Shield shops, Miscellaneous shops, Trinket shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, West Wing]
The western recesses hold cloaks, hats and dresses in various colors and sizes. The shop clerks and minions give helpful opinions on stuff it seems no one despises. Assortments, collections and wares for inspection are laid out in all of their glory, while women and men, their relations and kin, buy additions for their inventory.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

 A rather large sign reads:

There are quite a number of items sold here, but only four rules.
1) Make sure you try to GET what you want before you BUY it!
2) APPRAISE the desired item to prevent disappointment.  FAIR WARNING!.
3) GENERALLY SPEAKING, containers are in the center, clothing is to the west, weapons and armor are to the north, and props and gadgets to the east.  Where something is sold is a good indication of it's properties!
4) Absolutely no refunds!
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
fortune-teller's shawl made from dozens of multicolored cloth patches 902   !!
hooded scout's cloak of mottled brown oilcloth 9,020   !!
grey-green wool hunter's cloak lined with shearling 9,020   !!
long leather highwayman's cloak 11,275   !!
heavy wool pilgrim's traveling cloak 6,765   !!
hooded sailor's longcoat of bright orange oilcloth 9,020   !!
parti-colored jester's cape of gleaming silk 45,100   !!
hooded cartographer's cloak of black wool decorated with silver embroidery 67,650   !!
On the old fenceposts
Item Price Done
tall black gravedigger's hat with a wide brim accented by crimson velvet 739   !!
khaki beekeeper's hat with extra long protective mesh 360   No
mariner's hat trimmed in braided gold 721   No
village idiot's dunce hat crafted from an old newspaper 90   No
wizard-shaped storyteller hat with a sleeping dragon embroidered on the front 360   No
steel-capped builder's hat 360   No
straw gardener's hat tied with a long red bow 451   No
In the poplar wardrobe
Item Price Done
moleskin gardener's trousers with dark leather patches 2,255   No
oversized pair of urchin's hemp trousers with rips and tears 225   No
galley slave's tattered cotton loincloth 90   !!
pair of black and white striped acrobat's tights 902   No
pair of low-slung leather wrangler's breeches 7,667   
baggy canvas fisherman's pants with pockets near the knees 2,255   No
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
pair of doeskin hunter's moccasins laced with rawhide 2,255   No
simple monk's sandals 135   No
pair of comfortable white canvas messenger's shoes 1,353   No
pair of simple black domestic servant's shoes 902   No
pair of black leather highwayman's riding boots 992   No
knee-high woodcutter's boots of thick brown leather 1,804   No
steel-toed wrangler's boots of darkly polished leather 3,157   !!
green and purple knee-high jester's boots 4,961   No
thick black leather gravedigger's boots with wide straps 1,804   No
well-worn leather miner's boots with steel toecaps 1,804   No
sturdy leather sailor's boots with gummed soles 2,255   No
On the glovebox
Item Price Done
elbow-length pink satin lady-in-waiting's gloves trimmed in pearls 13,530   No
scorched leather alchemist's wristwrap 685   !!
knitted spidersilk scribe's gloves 13,800   No
pair of embroiderer's gloves crafted from thin cream silk 9,020   No
On the velvet-lined tray
Item Price Done
protective miner's glasses with clear yellow lenses 3,608   !!
pair of scribe's reading glasses attached to a slim golden chain 5,863   !!
pair of wire embroiderer's spectacles with half-moon lenses 3,608   No
pair of wire-rimmed professor's spectacles 2,255   !!
pair of inventor's spectacles with multiple retractable lenses 2,255   !!
pair of storyteller's brass reading spectacles 2,255   !!
brass scavenger's monocle 1,804   !!
cartographer's eyepiece rimmed in bronze 4,510   !!

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, South Wing]
Various boxes, bookcases, and crates are filled with superior stock. Closer inspection, as one might expect, shows nothing that could be called schlock. Baubles and gizmos and geegaws galore! Trinkets and trifles abound! Plainly presented on shelves and on trays so that everything's easily found. You also see a polished maple bookcase with several things on it, a dented jewelry box, an upside-down splintering crate with several things on it, a round pewter tray with several things on it, a musty canvas cot with a few things on it, a teetering tripod with a few things on it and a flameoak sideboard with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

On the maple bookcase
Item Price Done
dusty innkeeper's ledger with faded ink 4,510   !!
barmaid's notepad warped from dried mead 1,353   !!
leather bound torturer's tome embossed with reddish-brown lettering 4,510   !!
dog-eared monk's tome 1,353   !!
lady-in-waiting's diary bound in raw silk 5,412   !!
suede cartographer's atlas 4,510   !!
baker's cookbook covered in red and white checked fabric 2,255   !!
flour-dusted leather bound baker's book engraved in silver leaf 4,510   !!
leather bound tax collector's audit book 2,255   !!
thick sailor's book bound in worn oilcloth 2,255   !!
farmer's almanac bound in yellow hide 2,255   !!
leather bound apothecary's herbal with a crystal jadice clasp 5,412   !!
slim herald's handbook bound in brown velvet 4,510   !!
purse maker's encyclopedia bound in pebbled leather 4,510   !!
beginning hunter's field guide with a forest green suede cover 2,255   !!
ship captain's logbook bound in sharkskin 2,255   !!
In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
leather pilgrim's prayer cord 1,353   !!
galley slave iron leg chains 135   !!
professor's cambrinth apple sprinkled with crystals 90,200   !!
simple monk's armband 45   !!
jailer's key ring constructed of high-quality steel 451   !!
slender lady-in-waiting's hairpin tipped with a gleaming starfire topaz 14,432   No
gem-encrusted gold aristocrat's signet ring 9,020   !!
bronze scribe's medallion of merit from Asemath Academy 216   !!
On the splintering crate
Item Price Done
battered oak barmaid's keg 1,623   !!
vinter's wine keg 1,804   !!
tarnished silver highwayman's flask 1,443   !!
copper-plated town crier's gargle flask 721   !!
dented pewter gravedigger's flask 451   !!
etched silver distiller's flask 1,623   !!
small brewer's cask of oak bound with copper 1,804   !!
On the pewter tray
Item Price Done
rusty set of torturer's handgrips 225   !!
builder's straight edge trimmed in copper 225   !!
pair of blunt-bladed mortician's scissors with stained tips 451   
polished silver tax collector's badge 2,255   !!
On the canvas cot
Item Price Done
urchin's wool blanket encrusted with dirt and mud 360   !!
soft midwife's baby blanket with cow and lamb prints 451   !!
moldy cheesecloth pillowcase 90   !!
On the teetering tripod
Item Price Done
globular beekeeper's honey jar frosted with a beehive design 180   No
barber's green tonic bottle 180   !!
mortician's brown bottle of noxious fluid 180   !!
On the flameoak sideboard
Item Price Done
sturdy potter's trowel with a wooden grip 135   !!
tall charlatan's bottle labeled "Snake Oil" 405   !!
galley slave's wooden food bowl 90   !!
midwife's chipped ceramic bowl 90   !!

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, East Wing]
Uniforms and livery, costumes and attire, ensembles and regalia that every job requires are here awaiting purchase, be it one item or more, sold by clerks with buttons marked "By Idon, what a store!" Everything a heart desires, anything your job requires, is sold here to the public. Cloaks and tunics! Belts and robes! They haven't missed a trick! Shoppers scurry to and fro and gawk at the selection, pointing out their favorite things with genuine affection. You also see a rickety pine valet with several things on it, a satinwood garter tree with several things on it, a maple wardrobe carved with shirts and vests, a closed laundry hamper with several things on it, a white ash cabinet, a battered red toolbox and a cast-iron lamppost with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the pine valet
Item Price Done
dirty gravedigger's handkerchief 3,170   !!
midnight black linen gravedigger's bandana shadow-embroidered with a murky red scorpion 541   !!
heavy leather gardener's belt with a silver turnip-shaped clasp 2,706   !!
sturdy leather woodcutter's belt with a silver oak leaf clasp 2,706   !!
vibrant spice merchant's belt 793   !!
mesh diver's belt with small steel hooks 451   !!
complex scavenger's toolbelt 541   !!
tanned leather carpenter's toolbelt 1,443   !!
artist's hair wrap of delicate cerulean gauze 676   
On the garter tree
Item Price Done
chocolate-brown velvet chef's garter fastened with a ruby strawberry buckle 13,530   !!
chestnut suede charioteer's garter with rawhide laces 4,059   !!
scarlet silk carpenter's garter with laces tipped with miniature brass acorns 5,863   !!
forest-green suede huntress's garter with a gold pinecone buckle 6,765   !!
azure leather fishmonger's garter buckled with mother-of-pearl trout 4,059   
petal-pink satin gardener's garter with an ivory lily buckle 4,059   !!
moonsilk lady's garter trimmed with creamy lace and pink seed pearls 45,100   !!
In the maple wardrobe
Item Price Done
barmaid's white cotton blouse with patches of beer stains 360   !!
elegant white linen chirurgeon's coat 2,525   !!
gamekeeper's fur coat 4,510   !!
stylish innkeeper's doublet edged with thin gold cords 2,706   !!
frayed potter's overtunic stained with daubs of clay 451   No
dirty hermit's shirt woven from goat hair 45   !!
loose cotton fisherman's shirt with rolled up sleeves 1,082   !!
spidersilk mime's shirt with black and white stripes 14,432   !!
colorful jester's tunic with dagged hems 6,765   !!
russet suede falconer's vest trimmed with black leather 2,255   !!
On the laundry hamper
Item Price Done
chef's apron stitched with tiny marine animal patterns 360   !!
long cotton midwife's apron with bleach spots 360   !!
chocolate-stained chef's apron with the words "There's always room for dessert!" sewn across the front pocket 451   !!
pure white cotton dairymaid's apron stitched with daisies 613   !!
tattered brewer's apron with patterns of barley and wheat 432   !!
stained butcher's apron 432   !!
white cotton domestic servant's apron 288   !!
thick sailcloth fishmonger's apron speckled with a shiny substance 360   !!
gardener's tool apron 902   !!
sturdy green gardener's apron embroidered with large sunflowers 902   !!
loose cotton artist's smock covered in colorful paint splotches 1,353   !!
In the ash cabinet
Item Price Done
heavily stained alchemist's robe laced at the neck with leather cord 1,082   !!
pure white cotton clergyman's cassock embroidered along the hem with stylized sirese blossoms 45,100   !!
pitch black cotton clergyman's cassock embroidered along the hem with chipped white skulls 54,120   !!
enveloping pilgrim's robe of undyed wool belted with a richly embroidered sash 27,060   
heavy canvas dyer's smock splattered with various colors 2,255   !!
Robe-style hiders
In the red toolbox
Item Price Done
blue-tinted bottle of gardener's pest repellant 451   !!
sturdy spice merchant's scale 902   !!
rugged woodcarver's shaper 451   
narrow carpenter's slide rule 225   !!
plumed innkeeper's quill 2,706   !!
cartographer's geometry compass trimmed in silver leaf 902   !!
mariner's sextant engraved with leaping dolphins 5,772   !!
rusty barber's razor with bloodstains streaking the dulled blade 992   !!
pair of steel-handled barber shears 1,804   !!
jar of inventor's goo 451   !!
On the cast-iron lamppost
Item Price Done
town crier's copper lantern with a rusty hinge 315   !!
wrought iron gravedigger's lantern 315   !!

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, North Wing]
Collections of cases, batches of backpacks, piles of pouches, and stacks of satchels are appealingly arranged around the area. Several studious stockboys stand silently smiling and survey the surroundings, scanning to see the shoppers' selections and skillfully stocking any shrinking stores with surplus supplies snatched from secreted spots before swiftly scurrying to their specified stations. You also see a battered wood worktable with a few things on it, a dingy wicker basket, a rough-hewn pine counter with several things on it, a white wicker footstool with several things on it, a white wicker couch with several things on it, a white wicker chair with several things on it, a dusty footlocker with several things on it, a small bench with several things on it, some wood pegs with a few things on it and a dusty wheelbarrow with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the wood worktable
Item Price Done
dusty prospector's sack - contains a slightly torn map faded with age and a well-used prospector's pickaxe. 6,945   !!
vintner's toolkit of painted oak with a padded leather shoulder strap - contains a heavy pruning knife with a tiny cluster of garnet grapes set in the oak hilt and a pair of grape harvesting shears. 1,109   !!
Each of these containers has items and tools within.
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
pastry chef's cookbook bound in red linen - contains a tiny bronze key dangling from a hoop earring, a frosted glass bottle of iced mocha coffee, an almond tart sprinkled with powdered sugar, a cloudberry tart dotted with juicy red currants, a flaky blueberry tart lightly drizzled with a blue glaze, a spicy pumpkin tart topped with ground nutmeg, a cinnamon apple tart dribbled with caramel icing, a milk chocolate tart smothered in dark chocolate shavings and a bibbleberry tart with a flakey buttery crust. 2,172   !!
navigator's logbook bound in sun-bleached canvas - contains a long-stemmed ivory pipe carved with sinuous sea serpents, a cut crystal decanter of spiced rum, 4 whiskey-laced cigars, 4 Pantel spice cigars, 4 spiced tobacco, 4 seaweed tobacco and a brass key with a mother-of-pearl grip. 10,696   !!
tax collector's ledger bound in gold-embroidered crimson velvet - contains a slender necklace of diamond-cut rubies set in gold, a delicate platinum ring adorned with a diamond butterfly, a crimson velvet gem pouch with gold silk drawstrings, a bottle of whiskey and a bejeweled gold key. 78,952   !!
embossed leather physcian's book clasped with an amber cebi root - contains 2 lemony yellow lollipops, 2 bright green lollipops, 2 round butterscotch lollipop, 2 rum-flavored lollipops, a cut glass decanter of amber brandy and a large key with an amber and ivory handle. 3,727   No
storyteller's book of fairy tales bound in quilted silk - contains a delicate porcelain fae doll dressed in gossamer leaves, a bright green satin bullfrog wearing a tiny gold crown, a lavender felt dragon toy with midnight-blue gossamer wings, a bottle of green absinthe, a flask of pink grog and a miniature dragon's fang key carved from ivory. 7,396   !!
There are treasures within each of these volumes.
On the pine counter
Item Price Done
compact interrogator's case of polished bloodwood with black iron fittings - contains a steel needle, a hide scraper, a bottle of strong vinegar, a tiny crystal decanter filled with salt, a serrated steel knife with a fine-grained bloodwood handle, a polished steel spike, a polished steel spike, a small iron hammer with a silk-wrapped bone haft, a goose feather quill, a small notebook bound in brown leather and an unadorned steel key. 7,828   !!
chandler's sample box of birch with the word "Soaps" stamped on it in blue ink - contains a bar of strong soap, a bar of floral soap, a bar of pink soap, a bar of orange soap, a bar of brown soap, a bar of creamy soap, a bar of green soap, a bar of yellow soap, a bar of speckled soap and a simple ivory key dangling from a leather cord. 879   No
olive-green oilcloth alchemist's haversack with a black iron clasp - contains a heavy glass pestle, a stained ceramic mortar, an alchemist's laboratory notebook, a soot-streaked portable stove, an alchemist's glass beaker, a glass tincture jar, a glass mixing stick, a piece of flint and a blackened steel key. 9,211   !!
oiled maple barber's kit set with an ornate copper clasp - contains a bar of mild soap, a polished copper comb with widely spaced teeth, a polished silver hand mirror etched with a stag's head, a pair of barber's clippers with polished horn handles, a steel-bladed barber's razor with a copper-inlaid horn handle, an aubergine glass bottle, a cloudy glass bottle and a burnished copper key. 1,647   !!
otterskin diver's thigh sheath decorated with silver fittings - contains a shark-tooth carving knife with black coral hilt and a serrated steel key forged to resemble a shark's tooth. 2,119   !!
grey sharkskin cartographer's toolbag clasped with a brass compass rose - contains a creamy albatross feather quill with a metal nib, a squat glass inkwell with brass feet, a tarnished brass key engraved with a compass rose, a dented brass compass engraved with a schooner and a battered brass cartographer's spyglass. 5,908   !!
All of the containers sold on this counter are lockable and contain a variety of tools and useful gadgets, along with a key.
On the wicker footstool
Item Price Done
patched scavenger's pack 1,082   !!
tooled leather highwayman's pack with a tarnished buckle 3,066   !!
white canvas messenger's backpack stitched with outstretched silver wings 1,443   !!
brown leather scribe's rucksack with a darkened silver clasp 8,499   !!
urchin's hemp rucksack covered with stitches from previous mends 225   !!
On the wicker couch
Item Price Done
storyteller's book bag stitched with various mythical beasts 1,804   !!
polished black leather chirurgeon's bag 1,804   !!
charlatan's medicine bag 1,804   !!
tarnished woodcutter's wood bin 180   !!
dairymaid bucket emblazoned with a multicolored cow 450   !!
cedar beekeeper's hive ornamented with golden bumblebees 811   !!
thick wool gravedigger's sack with faded stitching 514   !!
gardener's woven rubbish sack 514   !!
hole-riddled village idiot's pie sack 126   !!
dark green courier's satchel reinforced with tanned peccary hide 2,164   !!
sturdy canvas scout's satchel 902   !!
stiff leather apothecary's satchel with a thick embossed flap 3,157   !!
farmer's burlap fertilizer satchel 45   !!
brewer's burlap hops bag 180   !!
stained burlap ratcatcher's bag 126   !!
silk damask seamstress's case with a golden hook closure 13,530   !!
wicker fisherman's basket with braided rawhide straps 1,353   !!
On the wicker chair
Item Price Done
oilcloth cartographer's case with a polished gold compass clasp 9,020   !!
dark leather cartographer's case embossed with a compass rose 1,353   !!
brewer's kit constructed from aged oak reeking of tangy beer 811   !!
ornate woodcarver's kit 811   !!
felt storyteller's toy box sprinkled with moon and star designs 4,510   !!
wicker fisherman's creel decorated with fish skulls and feathered lures 1,353   !!
mesh diver's bag adorned with fish skulls and seashells 451   !!
splotched spice merchant's bag 315   !!
midnight black torturer's sack interlaced with barbed wire 1,353   !!
stylish lady-in-waiting's reticule suspended from a slender platinum chain 31,570   !!
blue velvet chatelaine's purse adorned with gold chains and a ruby brooch 21,648   !!
suede pilgrim's pouch lined with silk and embroidered with the thirteen Immortals 5,412   !!
lavishly embroidered tax collector's pouch 2,255   !!
On the dusty footlocker
Item Price Done
shallowly curving reed gardener's basket 451   !!
deep woven-reed apothecary's basket lined with grey twill 451   !!
brown oilcloth midwife's bag with a carved linden leaf clasp 902   !!
red canvas miser's purse decorated with burnt orange tassels 451   !!
scuffed leather poacher's game-bag with a broken arrow clasp 902   !!
wicker rat-catcher's trap held together with knotted sinew 451   !!
These items are particularly comfortable to wear and carry. They also respond to WEAR, REMOVE, and TILT.
On the small bench
Item Price Done
carved silverwood cobbler's case with a sturdy black leather strap 1,804   !!
mahogany artist's case with a carved scrollwork border 2,255   !!
courier's scroll case of polished mistwood inlaid with ivory 4,059   !!
brass mortician's tool trunk 4,510   !!
inventor's ironwood gadget box 4,510   
On the wood pegs
Item Price Done
vintner's wine bag 902   !!
messenger's waterskin trimmed with silver threading 902   !!
scout's waterskin made from patchwork leather 902   !!
On the wheelbarrow
Item Price Done
beat-up wooden hermit's sign 90   !!
charlatan's A-frame sign with painted phrases on it 451   !!
three-legged dairymaid stool with a daisy trim 451   No
farmer's sheaf rope 45   No
midwife's herbarium set in a carved oak frame 13,354   !!