Item:Red and black diagonally striped tabard emblazoned with the gremlin of Spangklud

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red and black diagonally striped tabard emblazoned with the gremlin of Spangklud
Look: It looks like it will fit perfectly on anyone.
Weight: 30 stones
Appraised Cost: 31,250 Kronars
25,000 Lirums
22,550 Dokoras
31.25 LTBpoints
31.25 Tickets
31.25 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
Dimensions: 13 length x 3 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Treasure map/Prizes, Tending the Fold (2), Tending the Fold (1), Egg rewards
  • STUDY: Studying your striped tabard carefully, you're sure you could do the following things with it: BOW, CLEAN, FOLD, POKE, PULL, PUSH, TIE, TURN, UNFOLD, UNTIE, WAVE
  • BOW: Sweeping your hand back to allow your striped tabard to trail along the ground, you give a deep bow.
  • CLEAN: You wipe your hands on your striped tabard. Best wash that before you wear it again.
  • FOLD: You carefully fold your striped tabard, draping it over your arm.
  • POKE: You poke a finger at the emblem on the chest of your striped tabard.
  • PULL: You hold your striped tabard up against your torso, trying to determine if it's long enough for you.
  • PUSH: You crumple your striped tabard in your fist.
  • TIE: You play with the ties on your striped tabard.
  • TURN: You turn your striped tabard, studying it carefully, but still can't tell which side is the front and which is the back!
  • UNFOLD: You unfold your striped tabard, shaking out the wrinkles.
  • UNTIE: With a resigned sigh, you pick loose the knotted laces on your striped tabard.
  • WAVE: With a defiant cry, you raise your striped tabard in your clenched fist, waving it over your head to display the emblem on the fabric.