Item:Plain black prayer sash

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Incomplete Item
  • This item is incomplete, which means that while it is not a stub, it still lacks certain data or information.
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plain black prayer sash
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: No
Appraised Cost: 1,875 Kronars1,500 Lirums <br />1,353 Dokoras <br />1.875 LTBpoints <br />1.875 Tickets <br />1.875 Scrips <br />
  • This item is worn in the waist slot.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 3 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Misenseor Goods (6), Misenseor Goods (5), Misenseor Goods (4), Misenseor Goods (3)
  • STUDY: Thinking about the sash, you wonder if you might not be able to ADJUST, CLEAN, CLUTCH, FIDGET, FLIP, PAT, ROLL, RUB, TIE, and YANK it.
  • ADJUST: You hitch your prayer sash up, settling it around your waist.
  • CLEAN: Glancing at your prayer sash, you notice a speck of dirt on it and quickly flick the dirt off.
  • CLUTCH: You slip your hands around your prayer sash, clutching it tightly.
  • FIDGET: You run your fingers along the surface of your prayer sash, thinking idle thoughts.
  • FLIP: You casually flip the end of your prayer sash back and forth.
  • PAT: You gently pat your prayer sash.
  • ROLL: You roll the end of your prayer sash into a tight tube, before releasing it.
  • RUB: Rubbing at a spot of dirt on your prayer sash, you eventually manage to wipe it away.
  • TIE: You fidget with the fastenings of your prayer sash.
  • YANK: Hoping no one is looking, you surreptitiously yank your prayer sash down closer to your waist.