Snuggle command

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  • SNUGGLE [player|critter|item]
  • SNUGGLE [player|item] <emote>
  • Valid emotes are: love, friend, cheer, cold


  • SNUGGLE <item>: You snuggle an <item> in your arms.
  • SNUGGLE <item> LOVE: You snuggle an <item> lovingly in your arms.
  • SNUGGLE <item> FRIEND: You snuggle an <item> companionably in your arms.
  • SNUGGLE <item> CHEER: You snuggle an <item> cheerfully in your arms.
  • SNUGGLE <item> COLD: You snuggle up to an <item>, clutching it for warmth.
  • SNUGGLE <self>: Snuggle yourself? You're not that lonely, are you?