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gath mysanda (1)
Look: The mysanda is a brilliant faceted crystal orb suspended in a delicate polished coral rig by silver wires.
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: Unknown
Uses: 50
Appraised Cost: 122,318 Kronars97,854.4 Lirums <br />88,264.669 Dokoras <br />122.318 LTBpoints <br />122.318 Tickets <br />122.318 Scrips <br />
  • This item is magical.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
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The gath mysanda stores magical energy. A mage can charge it with magical energy and then restore his attunement at a later time. After 50 uses, it begins to have a chance to break when used.

"Mysanda" is Gerenshuge for "crystal."


It has a definite Holy magic pattern.
The mysanda, similar in nature to a Metamagic spell, is capable of regenerating a magician's attunement directly, at the level of the nervous system. Fittingly, it appears to charge itself by ripping said attunement away in advance.
The mysanda isn't charged.


To use the gath mysanda, you must CHARGE it to fill it with energy. Each charge pours all of your attunement into the gath mysanda. Your attunement must be at 100% to charge it, and you have to charge it twice before you can INVOKE its power.

  • FOCUS MY MYSANDA: checks the current status of the gath mysanda
You focus your magical senses on a gath mysanda.
The mysanda appears to be a device to hold mana. It isn't charged.
The mysanda appears to be a device to hold mana. It is only partially charged.
The mysanda appears to be a device to hold mana. It is fully charged.
  • CHARGE MY MYSANDA: pours 100% of your attunement into the item
You become transfixed, staring into the flickering depths of the mysanda. Your cheeks flush as the device rips every bit of mana from your body.
The gath mysanda glows softly for a moment as your energy takes root within it.
  • INVOKE MY MYSANDA: restores your attunement (the mysanda must be fully charged)
You focus your will on a gath mysanda. Shivers rock you with the influx of energy.


If the gath mysanda contains someone else's mana, that person will have to discharge the energy by invoking it before you can use it. (If the mysanda is only partially charged, the previous user will have to charge it one more time before invoking it.)

You know that it contains someone else's energy if it says "The mysanda has someone elses mana within it already, which disrupts your senses," when you focus on it or "You apply your will to a gath mysanda but it repulses the mana," when you attempt to charge it.